Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pregnancy post...

This is going to be boring so dip out now or forever hold your peace! LOL! I want to document how I'm feeling during this pregnancy.....I feel like I'm cheating, this pregnancy has been so easy and smooth that I don't' even feel pregnant. I'm not stressed, I'm not tired (at least not all the time) I haven't really been sick or had back aches or's just boring. I haven't gained a ton of weight (7-9 lbs) and am 24 fundus (sp?) height (the top of my uterus) was measuring 30 weeks when I was 22 weeks and Baby AC was measuring 10 days ahead at 21 weeks! Yet there's a lady at my church who sees me twice a week bar none and just figured out last night that I'm pregnant LOL! There's a little boy at the after school program yesterday that asked if I had a baby in my tummy and when I told him yes, he pulled my shirt up to see! LOL! It was so funny! No one else was there except him Mom who freaked! LOL! It really was cute though! He was just curious....glad it was me and not someone who would get angry over it! LOL! I'm sure he and his Mom had a nice long chat last night! So if I don't write much about this pregnancy it's because there's nothing to write! I feel great, and my appts are truly boring! I've learned to love Love LOVE boring! It means everything is good and that I will take! Todd has been super helpful lately too! Last night while I went to Bible study, he took the boys to the grocery, got everything on my list and then helped put the groceries away before he took out the trash! Lane even went up to get the bathroom trash without being asked! I have such good boys! Then Ethan went up to bed without being asked, I'm sure he was looking for the same praise Lane got for doing the trash, and trust me he got it! Tonight Todd's going to help A work on something, tomorrow he has Explode and then Thursday he and the boys have Boy Scouts! Way fun and lots of down time for me to work in the babies room! Which really needs to be done. Last time Todd had it set up in September, but with the boys he had to go home from the hospital to set it up because we were NO WHERE near ready! LOL! I'd like to participate with the set up this time! Oh wish me luck!