Monday, November 19, 2007

my tumor

I went to the doctor a couple of months ago and was expecting to hear "congratulations, you're pregnant!" I was having EVERY pregnancy symptom under the sun...I was skipping periods, lactating, and I was ALWAYS nauseous! But I couldn't convince the pregnancy test to come up I went to the doctor and she looked over my stuff and said 'we'll do blood tests but let's also check for any thyroid she felt around on my thyroid for awhile and said oh have a I went to have an ultrasound done on it and then to have a scan done on it, after that they did a biopsy...which was inconclusive. So I went to the endocrinologist and he says that there are two large (size of a bouncy ball) tumors in my throat and then one the size of a dime and another 7 small nodules or tumors growing there screwing up everything my body is trying to do. So that my body is working against itself! So, don't diet or exercise (it will discourage you), don't get pregnant (wasn't planning to anyways) and go get my thyroid removed. So I attend a Bible study on Monday nights at my church, last Monday they did a healing prayer for me and it was the strangest thing because as they preayed my throat felt ENORMOUS like it was going to pop open at any minute...something I've never felt before...I almost wonder if I'm going to go down to the hospital and they'll send me home because the tumors are gone and my body is functioning again! STRANGE! So I will have my surgery on the 28th of November....I'm not nervous and I'm sure that at this point it won't set in for awhile but I'm SO ready to have it over and done that I wish it was this week!