Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adjustment Time

I went to this blog today:

and found this list:

from the day they arrive to the day they leave, and our experience goes something like this:

1. Aliens - That's what they are when they first arrive, strange little people invading our home and snatching away all our free time. The most commonly heard sentence around our house is I can't take one more hour of this.

2. Armageddon - Chaos ensues as our schedules conflict, or rather, as they reveal that they've never had any kind of schedule and throw hour-long tantrums at the words "bath time" and "bed time." The phrase of this stage is I can't take one more day of this.

3. Acclimation - We're getting comfortable now, which means that the day progresses more smoothly, but it also means that they are testing their limits, trying to tell if we really mean that they will get a time-out for throwing toys and hitting their sisters. I can't take one more week of this.

4. Alignment - Schedules and personalities begin to smooth, mostly. For the first time, we're more stressed about upcoming court dates than the end of their daily nap. I can't go on like this forever.

5. Attachment - This is a lie because we've been getting attached to them and they to us from the very first hour. But now you can really see it. Now we're not just strangers, not just babysitters, but something that resembles of family, and the phrase that embodies this stage is the most difficult one: I can't stand the thought of letting you go.

When the girls first arrived, I didn’t think our family could take the stress they’ve brought to our life. Today I confided in my mom that I’m having panic attacks, and she says it’s the girls…it is. And it isn’t. It’s the girls plus football. It’s the girls plus a job change. It’s the girls plus….life. I think I’m right now inbetween Armageddon and Acclimation because I’m still adjusting to them and our new schedule but they’ve adjusted to our home and our schedule. I’m hoping by next week we’re in full blown Acclimation and by Halloween to being well on our way to Alignment!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

All About the Kids

Of course I've never posted about my girls so I'll start with them!

Little Miss is so spunky, and cute, she's the smaller of the twins and is just beautiful! When she laughs, her whole face lights up and you can't help but laugh with her. However she only has 3 ranges of personality, laughing, screaming and sleeping LOL This girl can go a mile a minute and I'm so excited to get her into gymnastics. Last night she was laying on my kitchen floor on her belly, she brought her legs around and sat up into the splits and then finished bringing them around to have them straight in front of her. I think she'll really excel in tumbling! Little Miss at first really took to men, she was leery of women but with men she'd spot one in a crowd and that would be her buddy for the rest of the day. She would lay her head on their chest and just sigh, pat their back and snuggle in for the long run. But slowly she's coming around, I try hard to bond with her since she seems a little more resistent to me. After spending some time with her and her mom though I can see that Girlfriend eats up lots of Mom's attention so I try very hard to help her bond with me. Little Miss loves playing with babies, loves getting all dolled up and LOVES going outside to play! She hasn't discovered TV yet and we kind of hope that's a ways off. When she came to live with us, she had NO words, she couldn't say please, thank you, eat, more. nothing. In the 3 months we've had her she has started saying please, thank you, I want a cup, no, and so much more! I'm really proud of the progress she's made! She also goes to bed easier now! She used to lay in her bed and scream, so we started letting them watch a show and fall asleep in the living room, then move them to their bed, we now start getting them ready for bed about 8:30 and they are in their bed by 9, asleep within 20 minutes. I love this girl, she reminds me of Ethan when he was an itty bitty!

Girlfriend...oh how do I describe this girl in a way that you can get a real picture of who she is? hm. She is a bull in a china shop, a tank, a moose, loving, sweet, rambunctious and funny, oh this girl is funny! While walking the other day she decided it would be fun to walk like an ogre or....a hunchback. she bends down, closes one eye, limps and makes a noise like a yetti! It's hysterical! She's much more vocal and aggressive than her sister, loves the boys but is kind of rough with them! Graceful she is not! but she does keep us laughing! OH how I love her! This weekend my step brothers girlfriend asked Girlfriend if she'd like to come stay with them and she shook her head no. In an effort to make a joke I asked Girlfriend if she wanted to come home with me and SHE SAID YES! Haha not the answer I was expecting so about an hour later step brother's girlfriend asked again "Girlfriend, do you want to come to my house?" and Girlfriend shook her head no and pointed to me! I think she's starting to bond and even developing some stranger danger!

I guess I'll just continue backwards up the chain.

Ryan is such a little man! So much like my father! I can't believe how much he's like my dad...every day there is something that I think "man dad, really?" Ryan is funny, sarcastic, smart, and kind. We need to work on him standing up for himself though, he has such a tolerance for others, won't push back, won't hit back, won't stand up for himself. But we're working on it, I'm hoping before preschool he will better about it. Ryan has an amazing vocabulary for a *just* 3. He's protective of his siblings, and loves his dad! Ryan doesn't really play with toys, he rides bikes, fixes things around the house and spends much of his time snuggled in my bed watching his show (trying to escape the volume of the girls). Ryan is the perfect middle child because he's confident enough to tell us his needs and not allow himself to be pushed aside. He also adores his older brothers, wants to be just like them, wants to do everything they do! Thank goodness they adore him and allow him to follow them where ever they go!

Ethan oh this boy! He definitely keeps us on our toes! He's such a good boy! Strong and independent, wants to be a leader, a good friend, a good person, Wants to be just like his dad, talks often of growing up and having a family, this is new, just since the girls arrival has he recognized that he wants kids. His world right now revolves around football, he plays football as often as he can, throwing the ball around with his Lane Michael, or his dad. Ethan is one of those boys who sleeps with his football and wants to wear cleats to school! But there is NO denying how much he loves his little brother (and sisters). Last night while I was doing one the hair of Little Miss, he snuggled with Girlfriend to help her get calm for bed. And it's Ethan I find snuggled in with Ryan when Ryan wakes through the night. This boy never ceases to amaze me.

Which brings me to Lane Michael, who is...goofy, and easy going, kind, and has such a heart for Jesus. I just can't wait to see what God has in store for this boy! Lane Michael is so smart, I never worry about his school work but encourage him regularly, reminding him stay on top of his grades so that he can get into medical school. He has decided he wants to be either a chef or a doctor, and as an adult I'd like for him to have all the opportunities in the world because this boy can do ANYTHING he puts his mind to! I'm excited to watch him grow up! I'm sure he'll make me proud!

Have you ever felt inadequate at something? Yah parenting is my thing! I feel like any other parent could/would do such a better job! My kids have the potential to be great, I just hope I'm doing enough to help them get there!