Monday, October 24, 2011

Football is Over

But life hasn't slowed down...not for a minute! Friday night we spent the evening with our friends, had a great time but just as we were sitting down to play cards, my cousin called me to get her daughter (Lex) the time I got back, people were sleeping. Saturday morning we got up and went to Van Wert where we refinanced Todd's truck loan...we'll save over 50% on this loan which will actually help us pay off our debt faster! Amazing! After that we took Lex home to her Mom and headed home to feed the kids, Todd did some homework and then we spent the evening writing my resume...which I turned in today to my boss...he's retiring 12/31 and I'm applying for his job...though I love love love my job and the 2 are very different, I'm excited about the potential opportunity. Sunday we had church, I got to teach Jr. Church (which I haven't done in so long) and then we made a flying trip to Dayton Children's. Lane Michael needed a blood draw and this way I wouldn't have to miss work. While we were there, 2 of my aunts called me wanting to know if I was with my Mom, when I explained that I wasn't with her, that we were doing blood work with Lane Michael, they immediately wanted to know what was up. Normally I'm an open book. I wasn't feeling very open on Sunday...I'm still not. I'm not up to discussing what things have been like lately for Lane's been so moody since I've been pushing gluten on he cries when a sweatshirt looks too small or the sleeves are too long, how he cries when the seat belt won't work right or is twisted...I'm not up for people's suggestions or comments regarding Lane Michael. I know they both left that conversation feeling clueless but right now...I don't have anything to give. Don't get me wrong, my family is super supportive and always have the best intentions...but one of my aunts is absolutely ridiculous, says the dumbest stuff...heart of gold but just dumb; and the other aunt is (also well intentioned) but sometimes harsh and unfiltered...I'm sure she'd say something about some kids just having a more sensitive personality...but when we started taking away the gluten, being more aware of what he was eating, it started to stabilize his crying, no whining...just an amazing little person that could handle frustrations calmly...The truth is, I have no idea what's going on with Lane Michael...I don't have answers...I don't want suggestions...I want results.

Today a card arrived at my house. It was addressed to: The Skaggs Boys and Lexi. That's how much we've had her recently. I'll miss her when we don't have her anymore. We really enjoy feels very natural to have her...she loves being with us...I just know it won't last.