Monday, September 20, 2010

Movng Update

There are a few things that had to fall into place in order for us to move. So far it's slow going, and a couple of things haven't come together. Todd's scholarship fell through. He's going to school on the college money he earned through his service so when the college got wind of his tuition being paid 100% through the VA they yanked his scholarship saying that he would be "double dipping"...funny, the VA doesn't seem to think so. Anyway, we are still looking to sell the 4 wheeler...we're even considering taking a loss on it because in a few months we will make that up in what we would have otherwise be making in payments...we're still tossing around ideas. We are also too busy to put the basement back together at this moment...we were going to renovate it, make it a man cave for Todd while we worked on renovating the garage...we don't want to make this our "perfect house" if we're planning on leaving it. So we would like to clean the basement back to where it was when we used it regularly, and put a for sale sign in the yard. We're half hoping that our neighbor man (who used to own and live in our house) has a nephew or family member who wants the house...his nephew is always over, and he has a son and is married now...might be a match made in Heaven...I guess we'll just have to wait and see how things fall.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Let me preface by saying God does not work in mysterious least not in my life. LOL
We recently had a disabled veteran call my office and request a couple of veterans who needed a little extra cash to help him move. I gathered up 3 great guys who could all use a little extra cash. The day before I called them all to remind them....first guy couldn't do it, his wife was in the hospital....nothing major but he couldn't help out. The second guy said he'd be there and the third guy confirmed he'd be there too. Well the next morning the veteran called me and said "only one guy showed" So we called Todd, he of course pulled through for us (he usually does). Took Ryan to the sitter and spent the day helping this gentleman move. He didn't want to move but the house he was renting was being foreclosed on. Todd came home and told me all about the house...two story farm house, nice back deck, 3 out buildings, 1.5 acres. We thought nothing of it and went on with life. Last week on our way out of town, my Mom drove me past this little house that she had just heard about (by chance), it was this cute two story farm house, nice back deck, 3 out buildings, 1.5 acres. Mom thought it'd be perfect for our family. The location is perfect, the outbuildings are perfect, did I mention the location? It sits RIGHT between my Mom, my cousin slash BFF, our friends the H family, our friends the M family, our friends the C family, in Wapak school district, a mile from our church, it even has a small pond! I called the bank, they don't have possession yet (perfect since we aren't ready yet)...but I asked the bank what I'd need to do to get ready....I need to pay down some debt. So in order to do that we will need to:
1. pay off credit cards
2. sell the 4 wheeler
3. sell the utility trailer
4. get a down payment ready

It turns out that Todd is getting a scholarship in the amount we owe on credit cards. We are still looking to sell the 4 wheeler. This week we had our carpets cleaned, while there my Mom asked us to have hers done too (Mom and I were in Tennessee so Todd took him out, vacuumed and moved the furniture) Mom then said she didn't want it done...but we did (mis communication). Turns out, God was speaking through her...while there Aaron (who owns the carpet cleaning business) put a down payment on the utility trailer. I see God's hand in my life. So, our plan is to put our house up for sale, but if we are able to see the 4 wheeler then it actually won't be necessary...if we can get the bank to wait until January or February I will have the down payment in hand...a lot of things have to go right for this to work. So my prayer is for God to reveal this stage of the plan to me so that I am working with Him and not against Him to make things happen. I know that every other time we have bought a house things have just fallen into place. So I know that if it is God's plan or God's will that it will happen. It may be stressful and not easy but we'll get there...we have a plan! Wish us luck! luck! pray for us!