Thursday, November 8, 2012


Before writing anything I should update my last post, the title Permanency may have been misleading. There has been no new news in the girls case. We are just no longer ABLE to have children of our own. and that is a good thing. onto my regular post. Todd and I feel lead to be right where we are. We feel like we are working God's plan for our life. We feel as though His hand is in our lives right now, sculpting us for....something. We don't know his plan, won't pretend to, but what we do know is that we feel right about what we're doing. Others who have foster, adopted or ever stepped out of the boat may know what I'm talking about. What I didn't expect is for our family to be so....opposed to what we're doing. Especially my family that has always been so open to new and more people. My family is resentful of us for fostering. It not only took me by surprise but it hurt. Like HURTS still...I thought this person would not only support us but even...enjoy this, embrace it...something. Everyone is wonderful to the girls, please don't get me wrong! They are treated like absolute princesses but from a few people, its just surface...sad but you can't change other people.