Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well It WAS the Most Blissfully Boring Pregnancy!

Yesterday morning (11:30 a.m.) I started noticing mild contractions...very mild, just some tightening here and the time I got home from work last night (4:30 pm) I was noticing they were coming stronger and with a rhythm so we timed them....7 minutes apart and pretty strong....they didn't hurt, I just couldn't catch my breath. So off to Bible study I right? Not so much....had 2 on the way out there (15 min drive) and 2 bad ones while I was there, I left early, came home and called the doctor...and she of course said to go to Labor and Delivery while drinking the largest glass of water I could find (LOL She cracks me up). By the time we got there the nurse laid her hand on my stomach (during a contraction) and told me to get comfortable! After 2 bags of fluid, 3 doses of meds and 4 hours, we were finally released with an RX for something to stop the contractions to take "as needed"....I felt silly going in but after hearing that they had contacted the Special Care Nursery because they thought we might have a baby....and who wouldn't with contractions 2 minutes apart...well needless to say I didn't feel nearly as silly! Makes for a good night! The goal is to keep baby baking until 37 weeks! You cross your fingers and I'll cross my legs! LOL!

PS contractions are back this morning! LOL! Here we go again!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Thoughts I have Today...

Sometimes my life just seems rather that fact that this weekend I realized I have the best family and friends in the world. My kids are such good boys, they listen when told to do something, they eat when it's time and they definitely go to bed like champs! I'm so lucky to have such good kids! They're brave and adventurous, and loving! Todd is a good man, he treats me like a princess even when I don't deserve it! (OH who am I kidding, I always deserve it LOL) This weekend, after a long day of getting up early, going to church and having my family over, Todd had to get to bed (needed up at 4) but he still took a walk with us, no complaints of even hesitation. Afterwards he put our boys to bed...he's a good dad.

In 8 weeks there will be a baby living in our house. We've been waiting for a baby since we started trying for that was a long time ago....March, 2006. More than 3 years. It doesn't seem that long ago that we decided to "try again" Life has changed so much since then. We lived on a 5 acre farm with 5 horses in a house that was old and cold, but it was home. It was comfortable and quite frankly I knew walking the front door the first time that I was home...of course the house became too much for us and we had to soon move on, the boys still ask to "go home" and we still have to explain to them that we don't own the house anymore....they're slowly adjusting to this house though.

Ethan has been sleeping through the night since he got his tubes and people who aren't with him consistently say they can finally understand him when he talks (my sister, brother and aunt are all with him enough to know that they can hear a before and after difference and can talk to him finally) but people who are with him all the time (our best couple friends - - the M family and the H family) say they can't understand him as well (which is where we kind of are but it's slowly getting better). Ethan has also started sound spelling and counting...he's doing beautifully with it. It was a sudden and wonderful change in him! His personality is also starting to change a little bit with the confidence that he's gaining....he's becoming sarcastic and funny! Wanting less and less to be the "little" boy in the group and more of a leader! I love a lot of the changes we're seeing!

Lane has become my brother in so many ways! All last week and today he has been awake, dressed and downstairs before I'm out of bed! He also has his sugar checked, his shoes on, his shots ready and the dog fed before Ethan and I get downstairs! I think he's gearing up for the "big brother role" He's so helpful but sometimes his mouth gets him into trouble....and not so much what he says as how he says it! I'm sure it's a phase....that's a lie, I'm not sure it's a phase but maybe more of his personality....more attitude than some kids have and a snarkier tone....he might get that from me and Todd though! oops! LOL!

Oh how I love these boys! And if you made it this far (sorry so long) I have a really fun story to share as a's like story time! LOL! Ok so while we were in San Diego my Mom had the boys and one day she walks in and Ethan is in Lane's face giving him the "what for" and shaking his finger at him....the whole nine yards when my mom comes to the door and catches him. She looked at him, raised one eye brow and as if on cue Ethan smiles this bright smile and says (without hesitation) "welcome to the Happy Hotel, Your room will be ready in 30 minutes" and SLAMMED the door in her face! LOL!!! That cracks me up! LOL! I'm not sure where he picks this stuff up!! LOL!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too Tired to Post!!

So much has been happening! We went to San Diego last week and had a great time! Todd got to go and do and see everything and I got some good training! We've had a terrible time readjusting! But while I'm exhausted, Todd is cranky! He's been hard to live with and I think it has to do with hating his job. The boys have been angels for us lately! Lane has gotten himself up 2 mornings this week and was dressed before I was even out of bed! This morning he got up, got dressed, put his shoes on, tested his sugar, got his shot ready, fed the dog and got the lunches out of the frig, all before I was even downstairs! He's such a morning person! I used to be, but I'm too tired lately and I have pregnancy insomnia now! I lay in bed for hours and never sleep! My mom asked me today (while I was having my SECOND melt down of the day) what she could do to help! I wish there was something she could do! I'm just too tired to function! It's just this week though so hopefully it will pass! I want to rest as much as possible this weekend (which seems forever from now) and see if I can't get back to myself! But on a good note, my house is clean, my children are well behaved, laundry is pretty much caught up on and other than exhaustion, I feel great! We're pretty much ready for the baby, just have to wash some clothes and we'll be completely ready! My boss is off until July 6th so a day off is out of the question but as long as I can get through this week then I should be ok!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Blissfully Boring!

I would do a pregnancy update but there isn't one....there's nothing happening! We have a good strong heartbeat, the baby is on my left side, kicking at regular intervals, I go for my glucose test today over my lunch, but had my thyroid checked earlier in the week...I'll get tested for Group B strep because I have an elevated PH level but other than that everything is good...I'm not gaining an excessive amount of weight and after I get back from San Diego (we leave for a week on Sunday) I'll start my weekly visits for NSTs! Very exciting! That means that after San Diego, I'm on the 9 week countdown! CRAZY how fast it's all going!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weird Dream...

Last night I had a drowning dream...but I wasn't the one drowning. In the dream, Lane Michael wasn't with us, Ethan was, he was sitting on the dock....Ethan hates water! But we had a 7 year old foster son and a 18 month old foster daughter....they were in the water, and I was holding the girl in my arms and holding the boys hand....he went further and further away from me until he let go of my hand. At that point, I handed the baby girl off to Todd and went further out to get to the boy but instead of taking the baby girl to shore and come back to help, Todd held her while trying to help...we were forming a chain and the waves were getting too high....we eventually got to him and got back to shore...but in the real world, Todd is a much better and stronger swimmer than I am and I would have taken baby girl to shore while Todd got to little boy, I'm not sure how I feel about my dream...but I can't seem to get foster care out of my heart...and usually I'm not that person....Ethan was 6 years old in the dream so other than being pregnant it was as if it was this summer....I can still see their faces....usually when I dream, I don't see faces. Thoughts on the dreams meaning? Pick it apart....what do you think?

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Servant's Heart...

Todd washed my feet. It was intimate and intense. The act is selfless and humbling. The experience is incredible. We were reminded that we are devoted to God (first) and to each other (second), and everything else will fall into place. We cried and laughed, I don't remember what was said and none of that is important. It wasn't about the words spoken but about the gesture, the devotion, the act. It was amazing. I walked away feeling more connected to my husband than I maybe ever have. It was a great reminder (right before our roles begin to change again) that we are first and foremost married to each other!