Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Please Pray for our Family

There has been a death, this will affect us directly. Please pray. We are sad, heartbroken, lost, searching for answers, scared and hurt. Please pray. (our 7 person family is physically fine, it was not one of us but it was as close to our 7 as it gets and will affect us all in very big ways). Please just pray!

Friday, July 19, 2013


We got chickens...26 chickens to be exact! Fair is coming but as soon as it does we'll lose probably 6 chickens and then another 8 will head to the butcher. People are in love with these feathery little creatures! We have 14 broilers (chickens to be butchered) and 10 layers (hens who lay eggs) and 1 rooster who was going to be a pet but he'll have to head to be butchered too...he's becoming increasingly aggressive. Anyway, the kids love them and have been great at caring for them! The bigs boys feed, water, collect eggs, clean pens and do all the basic care. the little kids have lost interest now that the chicks look like chickens! At any rate we're having a great time with it.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Potty Training the Twincesses

I posted months ago my plans to potty train. Didn't happen. We were close, then Girlfriend got sick and we were in the process of a temporary move and the next thing you know we're not even close to having either girl potty trained. Now we all know that their daycare won't take non-potty-trained kids in the fall so it was now or never. Time to sh!t or get off the pot (haha). So in a last ditch effort to have them potty trained by fall I took the plunge. No I didn't, I took their diapers away. I just took them away. I gave them 2 evenings in long t-shirts and bare butt. Then I put them in panties. 1 accident from Girlfriend and 2 from Little Miss but yesterday we left the house for the whole day in panties and NO ACCIDENTS! This is why I hate pu!! ups...they just confuse kids...they're just diapers. They are no different than diapers...there are no consequences to peeing in the pu!! why not. Why make the effor to make it to the potty on time. I'm so proud of these girls! To see the progress they've made in just a year is nothing short of amazing! They're smart, funny, loving, good eaters, speak well, polite, non-biting, alphabet singing, potty training, sassy, independent girls and I love them!