Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Ryan

Ryan turned 1 yesterday!! My boy is SO big! He's such a little MAN! I just love him! He's an amazing kid full of personality! He's smart and funny! And loved! We waited SO long for that little boy to arrive and now that we have him, we think we'll keep him! At ONE he can:
walk (started 4th of July weekend)
sleeps in his crib (also started 4th of July weekend)
say dog (also started 4th of July weekend - - Todd will never leave for a long weekend again)
say stop, don't, move, and no
he waves
loves to carry a spoon (a big stir spoon - - Grandma Sweet says he never knows when he'll happen upon a vat of soup)
mimics EVERYTHING Ethan does
bites Lane Michael whenever he's in reach
prefers Todd most of the time
his bedtime story is "Goodnight Moon" every night
never sits still for church and now has to go to the nursery because he won't stay in the pew
I'm sure there's more but this is what I have!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Less Than Perfect.

I sit in my corner office. Smile and nod as my clients tell me their troubles, different for each but there's often the same defeated tone. They're just...sad, really. Defeated. Some more than others. But so often, they leave feeling better. Someone listened. Someone cared. They might stay 30 minutes into my next appointment. I don't rush them out. Most are appreciative. Some know I'll listen, others are surprised. Some are crazy, unorganized, living in less than ideal circumstances. Some have made poor choices that lead them to me. Some have been given the short end of the stick. But what I hear most "I wish I had what you have" The corner office in a beautiful building full of wonderful people, doing a job I love, working with the people who mean so much to me. They know my children. They notice new pictures, ask about baseball, and teething, walking, friends, and Christmas. I've become a part of their lives. Sometimes I could show them how messy my life is. Let them in. I want to connect with them. Show them that my life (my picture perfect life) is only perfect for me. That I don't always go to bed with a clean kitchen, that my kids embarrass me, that I'm too busy to do laundry, that my kids don't always get their homework done, that I sleep in, that I can't shop for myself, or just that life is messy. All the time.