Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family Update

This is a big week for our family, with lots of potential for change. On Monday Todd had a huge test, life changing test that would determine if he gets his teaching license. We won't get the results back for a couple weeks yet, and he has the 2nd half of that test next Monday. Please be in prayer for us and this situation, my prayer is for a clear mind and for him to understand the questions and answers so that if he knows the answer he can get it right. The girls mom has court on Friday for some legal stuff...she hasn't shared all of it (the worst of it) but has shared some and what she's shared could really throw a wrench in her case plan to get custody back. Please also pray for this. My prayer has been for safety for everyone, clarity, peace and God's will. Girlfriend is on the verge of being potty trained! She has gone 4 days with only 1 accident and even woke up through the night to potty on Sunday night. Amazing little person! Little Miss would sit in her own filth for days and is absolutely clueless! Cracks me up how different they are from each other and how much they mirror Lane Michael and Ethan. I am confident that Little Miss will one day wake up and without any practice or coaching be fully ready to leave diapers in the dust. I'm not stressing it. Ryan who recently has decided his name is Connor has been as funny as ever. His Aunt L was giving him a hard time about something the other day and he was hollering at her for whatever infaction she had commited, so she snatched him up and kissed him (a horrible offense, punishable by death), he stomped into the dining room and shouted "I didn't want to marry you today! I just want to play" and as he headed upstairs he was shouting something about boobies. who knows what. Don't judge me. Lane Michael has taken a turn since changing churches, his heart for God has just grown and matured so much! He's learning so much about the Bible and about God. Listening to him pray is moving. Genuinely and completely moving, when we get together with our friends, anyone who would like to pray is given a turn, Lane Michael and Bird often bring us all to tears with their prayers. Amazing! My Grandma and Mom have hinted that they think his heart may lie with ministry...I don't know what this boys future will hold but it'll be big whatever it is! Ethan is doing so well in school right now! Straight A's! I'm so proud of him! Last night he laid in his bed and read a chapter book! I never thought we'd see the day! He struggled so much in the beginning! I can't tell you the countless nights we worked and prayed and cried over homework! I will never regret medicating his ADD. I will face all judgements with the knowledge that we did EVERYTHING to keep this boy off of medication, fought tooth and nail and in the end, when we finally relented, I had the peace of knowing the steps we took that failed. And found such success in medicating him. He's brilliant and funny and confident! I love this boy! Braces....Lane Michael and Ethan had a consultation with an orthodontist. They both need lots of hardware...step 1 is to have teeth removed. Each will require TWO 1 hour sessions of teeth pulling. Then we'll move on to spacers. Very much necessary and worth it but looks like it's going to be ridiculously expensive! Anyway, that's our update for today! Everyone is doing really well, we're in a good (and rather easy) season right now. Todd graduates in May with his bachelors degree! I'm so proud of him!