Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My ABC's

I found this here:

A: Age : 29 years old

B: Bed size: Queen

C: Chore you hate: general tidying...I just want people to pick up after themselves!

D: Dog: Major...big dumb that dang dog

E: Essential start to your day: coffee mmm

F: Favorite color: just that! I love love love color! I love orange and pair it with aqua I'm in Heaven, I love green, and pink (maybe not together), I love red! All of it! I love it!

G: Gold or Silver: honestly it's not that serious that I'd have a preference...maybe silver...?

H: Height: 5'11"

I: Instrument you play: I've played the drums since about 3rd grade...but none currently

J: Job Title: I'm a Veterans Service Officer for the county, I work to get veterans the benefits they earned through their service, I'm also a wife, a mother and a Jesus lover!

K: Kids: Lane Michael and Ethan twin 8 year olds, Ryan who is 1 (2 in August) and Baby Braden who sings with the Angels

L: Live in: Ohio...cornfield county!

M: Mother's Name: Laura

N: Nicknames: my family calls me Celie, Sissy, Sissy Babe and Todd calls me Bud

O: Overnight stays in the hospital: giving birth, having thyroid removed...I think that's it

P: Pet Peeve: people over reacting, being lied to...bad manners...but nothing too big

Q: Quote from a Movie: I don't know what movie it was but a supporting actress said "I love drama! It's so dramatic" that's me...I love drama, I can't help it! I don't instigate it, encourage it, fuel it...but I do enjoy it.

R: Right or Left Handed: left...but I don't write with my hand upside down...I can shoot a gun, hammer a nail and play baseball right handed.

S: Siblings: Gina, Amy, Heather and Lou

T: Time you wake up: weekdays I wake up at 6:30 but on the weekends I try to sleep in a little

U: Umbrella?: I own one but have never really used it...?

V: Vegetables you dislike: I really can't think of any...cooked spinach isn't my first choice but I don't dislike it...?

W: What makes you run late?: curling my hair...I have so much out of control hair...but that being said...I like my hair.

X: X-rays: I've broken my wrist, my ankle and my foot...I think that's it...?

Y: Yummy foods you make: lasagna, bruscetta, chili, manicotti, bread, and brownies

Z: Zoo, favorite animal: I'm not crazy about the's just not my thing...but I love the bears. Those are probably my absolute favorite!

Who's next? If you play along, try to leave me a comment so I can check out your answers!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sign Up sheets came

I think every child with diabetes (or a sibling with diabetes) should go to this camp! It helped Lane Michael find independence, a place where he fit in, a place where no one stared as he got shots...a place where he was normal! They taught him so much and helped him gain so much self confidence! What an amazing experience! I'm certainly not ready for the full week but this 3 days camp is perfect for my boys! And it's only an hour away! I'm so excited for them! I'm filling out the forms NOW! Ethan goes with him and it's so good for him to learn compassion and not just be oblivious to Lane Michael's struggles! Last year when he came back he was so good about watching Lane Michael for symptoms, asking if he should test, remembering his test bag...just more aware of his disease. In the last year that's kind of tapered off but maybe with each year, he'll become more aware. At any rate, it's worth the $40 for Lane Michael to feel normal...if even for a weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Funny stuff my kids do

Ryan and Todd were at Harbor Freight and as they passed another customer who was holding a hammer Ryan told him to "put that back" very emphatically. He was in trouble LOL

While in TN Cathy got up at 6 am to test Lane Michael...she got up and in her sleepy state, readied the tester, found a finger and poked, he pulled away and cried out but since he pulled away she had to poke him again, so lovingly she shushed and soothed him, found another finger and poked again, this time he cried out louder "why are you hurting me?" as he sat up she realized she had tested Ethan. So again she lovingly soothed him, and told him to go back to was all a bad dream. hahaha I heart her! Seriously!

Everyone has had a great start to their summer! It really kicked off the summer and made it feel great right from the beginning. They got to enjoy a baseball game with my sister, then went back to school for 2 days. After that they left for TN and stayed there for 6 days! (*jealous*), had a ball game the day they got back, went with my Mom to see my brother and his family off as they left for Arizona, then the next day had another ball game. That Friday we left for the lake house and spent the weekend, got home for church and spent the day at my Mom's house. This week has been the first lazy days of summer they've had and boy are they enjoying them!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life is changing. better, worse, who knows.

Todd went to see Mike (his brother) who is now on hospice. We're hoping it isn't the last time but realistically know it could be. He took Ryan and Jon with him. It was good for all of them. Especially Todd who wasn't going alone, and I just am not able to go right now.

Lane Michael and Ethan went to TN for 6 days. It was wonderful for them, they came back tan and happy. It was a great jump start to summer. They've been on the go since then! Yesterday they spent the day with my Mom down in Urbana saying final good bye's to my brother Lou and his family. They're moving to AZ and have said they're never coming back. Chances are good that's true. Looks like an end to our relationship. Although I'm not willing to say that outloud yet. My Mom would be crushed if she thought of it like that. But it's true and we all know it.

I went to Mississippi for training last week and came back so refreshed and ready to hit the ground running! I did just that and it feels SO good! The training was excellent! No one fell asleep and it was so informative and just all around good! Some trainings are better than others...this may have been our best yet (for me). I'm really wanting to concentrate on my career right now...hoping to show my office that if/when the directors position opens up I am ready and willing to take that postion. I've done a lot of growing in this position. They've seen me at my worst and now I need to show them my best. I could never fill Doug's shoes but I hope to make my own shoes to fill. I can't relate to the guys like he can but I can do the paperwork and give them my 100%. I can't see myself on any other career path and would never want to work in any other county...but I need to show Doug and Suzie that...not just tell them. So in the interest of putting my best foot forward, I'm trying to make changes. Todd isn't happy about these changes but they're what I think is best for my career. I wanted to take a week off this summer to go to Tennessee and take some time to get things done around our house...I don't know how much of that is possible. I can already see that this summer is going to fly by!

I've started eating healthier, watching portions and counting calories...I feel so much better since starting this journey and can tell a difference in how my clothes fit. I know I'll never be thin but I'd like to just feel better...and so far I do! It's easier than I thought it'd be!

A good friend called me the other day and asked that I be a reference for her and her husband in the adoption process. I was so honored to be asked and of course jumped at the chance. She's such a wonderful person and would make a great Mom! I'm so excited for her and hope she gets the family she deserves!

So much going on right now, I'm struggling to keep up but that's ok, a lot of it is good progress!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Switching Up the Bedrooms

Obviously I like change a little bit. I was thinking last night about what we could do with our third bedroom. Todd is not completely on board but I think it'd be great if we left the boys in the biggest bedroom (master bedroom), and then we could take what is currently the playroom (2nd biggest bedroom) and put an office in the smallest bedroom. We could put Todd's desk and recliner up there. I like it...Todd is unsure...I think it'd look nice and be efficient...afterall, no matter when we put the house on the market, it could take a long time to actually sell it!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Best Support System EVA!

I am loved.
We are supported!
Who can ask for more?

I used to belong to a message board of Momma's who all had children with diabetes type 1. I left the message board for several of which was the constant complaining. Very seldom did we see "success posts". Often they complained about a lack of support system. I couldn't relate. I have such an amazing support system in place. My family changed everything about them to suit us...our desserts were replaced with more fresh fruit, diet soda or sugar free ko.ol aid was offered...Easter Egg hunts started involving very little candy, my out of town cousins started bringing recipes and labels for the dishes they'd prepare. Before holidays, I'd get calls about what Lane Michael could and couldn't have. But one cousin in particular...she has gone above and beyond. She made it a point to know how to care for him. Her whole family is amazing. I love them SO much! My kids are in love with them. My husband even loves them! We'd do anything for them...but in the end we rely on them way more than they rely on us.

This week Todd will have to go to Missouri, I will have to go to Mississippi for training and my boys, they'll be running the mountains of Tennessee with my cousin. Cousin's husband will go with Todd (Ryan will probably go with Todd) and Lane Michael and Ethan will go with my cousins...we'll then meet up to return everyone to their rightful state. What would I ever do without my family. They're all amazing! I'm a lucky girl!