Friday, May 25, 2012

I should rename this blog!

The title of my blog (Diabetes, Loss and Adoption) no longer fits what I write about. I rarely mention Lane's diabetes...mainly because it's such a small aspect of our every day life. To put that much thought into it is exhausting and instead of focusing on that, I choose to focus on other things...better things. Loss...? well I don't believe we've "lost" Braden...we know right where he is, waiting for us in glory! And Adoption...well adoption is no longer the goal and foster care is no longer a means to an end. We don't know where we're headed. We have no "goal", no desired end result...just a path, and right now our path is raising 3 incredible men and listening for God's call. That being said, he is pushing us out of our comfort zone! You see, we just got a call to do respite care...for 2 of these boys is older than I agreed to be licensed for. The only reason I'm agreeing to this placement is because Todd is home full time with them and it is short term. We will set up rules and a schedule so that there is no opportunity for funny business but I am nervous that our caseworker will continue to push us out of our comfort zone. I must stand my ground though for long term placements.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Now We Wait

We are DONE! Right now we're waiting for Next County to get our license done. They'll send it to the state after they're done, our licensing worker said they work quickly and then we go on the "real" waiting list. BUT we know it will be some time before we get a call, and we're ok with that. We know we are happy with our family as it is right now. Well...most of us are. Ryan however is rather confused by the whole process. He has asked several times if we can just go get baby K (a little dude at the babysitters) or baby R (my cousin's new baby). Ryan is definitely ready to play the big brother role. Last night he told me to "go get a baby" and since he brought it up, I thought it might be a good time to talk about it. This is how that went: Me: Ryan do you want a girl baby or a boy baby? Ryan: a baby Me: Who will hold the baby? Ryan: Momma will hold baby Me: Who will feed the baby? Ryan: Me...Ryan will feed baby Me: Do you think I could feed the baby? Ryan: No Momma. Ryan feed baby, Momma hold baby. Go get my baby. Go get bottles. Me: What will we feed the baby? Ryan: bottles. Not nuggets. Not apples. Go get bottles. I love the way his little mind works. Obviously he has been talk to J (babysitter) about what not to feed the babies.