Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Going To Court

Our girls were taken into care last May. One year spent in the system. Seems remarkable. Seems notable. Seems like something I should touch on. They came to us less than a month later (fathers day weekend). Seems like a lifetime ago. I think back to who I was and all my new foster parent anxieties (quite similar and so different from normal new parent anxieties). The expectations I had (dashed quickly I might add). I just knew I was going to have a great relationship with their mom and I just knew the girls bond to me would be immediate and strong, I knew I'd be the only one who could comfort their little broken hearts and I would certainly protect them from their abuser. All out the window, quickly. I'm sure there is still so much to learn. I've learned only the first step in the process. There are so many directions in which this could head. What I do know is that we go to court in June, teaching me just one more thing about this roller coaster we're on....and maybe it's not a big deal once we're there...once we know what all it involves...maybe it's really nothing to get worked up over. I just know there's no way I'm missing it!