Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still No Results....

On Friday Lane Michael had his stomach was very scary and as a Mommy I would never want to send either of my children thru that ever again....that being said, I'm glad we did it. When we arrived they took us back to pre-op and we waited what seemed like FOREVER, finally they got the IV started and whisked him away. An hour later he came back, he woke up from the anesthesia and was feeling pretty good....really grumpy but good nonetheless....the doctor then came in to tell us what they'd found...his esophagus looked great! the lining of his stomach was decent but the lining of his small intestine was gone. There were no lesions but there was no lining either, veins were sitting on the surface and it was irritated, so they took the biopsy and said that there's a 90-95% chance he has word yet on the results but we've started the diet at home and we're actually enjoying it....the rice pancakes last night were SUPER yummy! I'm shocked at all the things that we have to change, even our cooking oil! But I'm not scared like I was, my Mom and my cousin C is changing her family over to this diet for convenience and because it's just healthier! My mom and I wanted to do this last summer after my Dad passed but for some reason we just never did, now we will....the hardest part about the biopsy was hearing the gravity of the situation. the doctor explained to us that if we didn't put him on this diet it will cause cancer in his stomach and small intestine....I can eat gluten free to keep from causing cancer in my little boy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Now I've Seen It All!!!

Have you ever been some where that accentuated every reason you don't live in that city? This weekend I went to a wedding. A family wedding. With normal family get togethers I go and stay as long as they aren't kicking me out....I expected this to be no different. I love weddings, it's a night of free entertainment as people make complete fools of themselves and where my kids wear themselves ragged. But this, this was special. Immediately upon arrival the family lines were could see who belonged where. I'm saying any of this to be snobby or stuck up, but to paint this mental image for you. Anyways, the keg was tapped, the kids were running, I was surrounded by some of my favorite people and the other side was putting on a show worthy of watching. The heals were taller than the skirts were long, yes folks it was quite a show! And it was 6:30. *sigh* Lane was impressed, not sure where to look first, the 15 teenage girls all dressed in black or the mini-skirts....both were fascinating but I don't have to say which won his attention! Then the bride and groom showed and Ethan asked "yes but where is the bride" my response "she's the girl in the black shorts, black heals and a black flower in her hair" (the shorts were shorter than the heals). But none of the bothered me. I was having a grand time (other than feeling like poo from some mild braxton hicks). So after much begging I took the boys outside to play, I sat with my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, her DH and Todd....we were having a nice time watching the kids run in the yard but I couldn't understand what the 3 yo little boy was saying to my niece....and then I heard it, clear as day, he was finally close enough that it stuck "Blow me" WHAT!?!?!? Hm. well. hm. What do you even say? What do you do? It's obviously not the little boys fault but you can't allow it to continue....wait a minute, those older boys (9 and 10 maybe) are teaching my boys how to play "drunk robbers" ....what is he holding....Holy Cow it's a flask! "Lane and Ethan, come away from those can't play like that, it's unacceptable behavior and I wont allow it" But then out came the pocket knife, not a kids pocket knife but a man's pocket knife with a 4" blade....time to go....yes I know it's only 8:30 and the dancing hasn't started, it's time to go. Breathe a collective sigh of relief that the 10 yo didn't stab us for insisting our children behave acceptably!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tubes, Adenoids and and Ultrasound, all in one day!

Yesterday was the busiest day we've had in a very long time! Todd got up at 11:45 pm to go to work, was home by 7:30 to get Ethan to the Hospital by 8:30 to have his adenoids taken out and tubes put 9:30 the wheeled him into surgery and at 10:34 I had news that he was out, feeling groggy but good! The Dr. told Todd that Ethan could resume eating and activity as tolerated (returning to school on next Monday), so Todd offered Ethan a Happy Meal, Ethan said "no thanks, I just want Lane" it was the sweetest thing I've ever heard in my whole life! After that he decided he would like some spaghetti and meatballs but then changed his mind and took the Happy Meal with a milk assured he got spaghetti for supper last night!

Then at 3:15 I left the office to pick up Lane, and head to Lima to meet Ethan and Todd for my ultrasound. They took us back rather quickly, I hopped up on the table and after finding the initial heartbeat the tech turned the screen slightly towards Todd and the boys (I didn't see anything), she found the measurements she needed, checked the umbilical cord and as Todd asked questions she would show him different things....I still couldn't see. At one point I wiggled so that I could see but it was too uncomfortable so I would just look up when she mentioned something interesting...I got to see one face shot, and we got a great look at one foot (5 toes and all), then as she was looking around I happened to look up and in trying to see what I was looking at, I realized, I was looking at the gender....dang it, I didn't' want to know....I'm only 80% sure but that leaves about 20% doubt....only because once I realized what I was looking at I looked away and didn't look back...this just adds to the excitement though! After that Todd got a piece of paper that was taped shut with the gender written inside...I don't think he's peaked at it yet but we'll see....and we left....with no pictures in hand! *sigh* that makes me sad. But Baby AC is measuring 10 days ahead of schedule and looks very healthy, she said he probably weighs about 1 lb 8 sweet big baby!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

busy busy busy!

I have so much going on that I don't even know what to write! Work is busy, the kids are busy, Todd is busy! As the job market and the economy get worse, my job gets busier and harder...much harder! I'm tired at the end of the day, often emotionally drained! Lane and Ethan are both having medical procedures done next week (one on Monday and the other on Friday) that's a lot of work to miss in one week! Todd has tested for a new job and is hoping for an interview, he's stressed about it because it would be the perfect job for him! It's a job he's wanted for a very long time, and a job he'd be great at! I have my big u/s to make sure things are going as they should with Baby AC on May was April 21st, they changed it to the 23rd (which I can't make) so I had to change it again! I go to Cleveland may 12-15 for training, have the boys Spring Program on May 19th, their last day of school is May 22nd, a friend is coming to town May 21st-24th, and June 7th thru the 13th I'll be in California for training! Where did the time go!? I can't keep up with life! When will I do the laundry? LOL! At least life is good!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Waves of Change!

With Kindergarten came lots of kids learned to dislike veggies, learned to say horrible things (little boy horrible but still horrible), and have learned of all the things in the world that they aren't getting! Ethan learned that other kids have video games that they're allowed to play at leisure (not the case at our house), that other families don't go to church (not something I was ready to explain) and that life isn't fair! (teeheehee) Lane learned many of the same things but what he really learned is that other families eat candy and sweets....that dessert is often a staple after dinner and that he was missing this year, things will change...I've stuck to my guns for as long as I can....but in trying to keep our family life as normal as possible, I'll be putting a small amount of candy in the Easter Baskets this year (go ahead, get the shock and awe out of your system)...done? Good....SO....what kind of candy do you put in an Easter basket anyway? My kids by so little candy that I dont have a CLUE what kind of candy they like....I don't know if one likes chocolate and the other starbursts? I just don't know....I have the logistics of dividing the candy up all figured out and how they will get a peice after dinner and all that but really....I wonder what they like....hmmm....I may have to do some research!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm not sure what to say....

Last Thursday I got a call from the school....Lane was dropping hard, fast and often. Hm. Growth spurt? Friday we went to PA so he wasn't in school....he dropped hard and fast (when I say hard and fast I mean being 130 and 40 min later being 39) So Saturday night we called the on call doctor because it wasn't getting better....we lowered his Lantus (24 hour insulin) from 10 units to 7 units! I will continue to flood the gates of Heaven!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


We are praying for a HEALING! Complete and Total! Every night until Lane, Ethan and T are healed we are praying for a complete healing! We are praying for Lane to start creating insulin, stop having seizures and to process gluton properly! We are praying for Ethan to hear and for his ADHD to be healed! We are praying for T (I don't want to reveal his identity without his parents permission) he's 4 and has autism! We are thanking God for all that he has done and praising him! We are asking that if it is God's will that he would heal our children! He loves them far more than we ever can! So we are flooding the gates of Heaven with prayer! Knocking down God's door and making it impossible for him to ignore us! We need a miracle! In the Book of John he tells of all the healings that Jesus performed! He brought Lazarus back from the dead, he gave the blind man sight, he CAN make Lane's body produce insulin! If it is his will! Join me as I flood the gates of Heaven....this isn't a request, I am begging you!

If you're interested in a good read, read the book of's the story of Easter but it only takes about 3 hours and gave me so much appreciation for what Jesus did for us! My husband is 30 years old....Jesus walked the earth for just 33 years, and then chose to die for us!