Monday, September 16, 2013

Football Full Swing

EVERY fall we love getting started with football. and then we get about half way through. we're exhausted. all of us. just starting our new routine and getting into the swing of the school year (after a nice summer break), then add to that, 2 week nights of the boys football practice, 1 night at church, 1 high school football game, Saturday and Sunday midget football games. Done the math yet? We are home Monday evenings. that's it. I have 1 weeknight to accomplish everything on my weekly list. And for the first time since the boys started football and for the first time since Ryan was born Todd is working during this season. He used to go to school...which even at a full time schedule was not like a full time teaching position. Lesson writing, test grading, homework assigning, paper grading, meeting going, training attending, full time job. the first 2 years they say your head spins...then it tapers off. Did I mention we still have a house mid way through a re-model? yah. we do. If we can make it just 7 more weeks, things will calm down, life will be good again and it will be Halloween! YAY! Football is definitely my favorite season! it's cool and starts the holiday season off! I wear hoodies, and drink yummy fall drinks, go to football and generally relaxes me...until I look at our schedule!