Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh So Much to Say!

As soon as I decided we were definitely NOT going to Missouri this Christmas and could rearrange our budget accordingly, Todd's brother called and guess what? We're going to Missouri! We have a new nephew, sweet baby Renzo and we have been asked to be his God parents! We are so honored and so excited! Besides I just can't wait to get some baby snuggle time! He is just the cutest little dude EVER! Guess I better start rearranging the budget again! hahaha The girls are doing well, we have been able to avoid the hospital for almost 2 weeks at this point (Girlfriend was in the hospital twice in 2 weeks for breathing stuff). Their Momma is doing well, has a house even! Now if she can maintain she should be on the right track to getting her girls back! She has to remain employed, continue passing drug tests, keep the house going, and make good decisions. The girls got to spend a solid 4 hours with her Monday and had a great time! Girlfriend is so funny! Her personality is really starting to come out now that she can communicate with us! She is so sassy and all drama all the time! She talks about Lane Michael non stop and is usually badgering him to give her a piggy back ride. Her favorite toy is usually the one Ryan is holding and most of her evenings are spent on a kitchen stool helping me cook. Little Miss is Girlfriends polar opposite. She's rambunctious and silly! Just goofy all the time! On the rare occasion she does get herself into trouble it's for her defiant little attitude! She has no desire to be told what to do and isn't going to listen until given no other alternative. But as sassy as she is, it usually quickly melts into her normal hugs and giggles! This girl gives the best hugs! With Christmas right around the corner, we're trying to get everything ready and this year is our least organized to date! We don't have a tree or decorations up! We don't have shopping done...not even really close! Nothing up, very little bought, nothing prepped! Makes me sad! I love Christmas and want it to last as long as possible! Maybe we can get the decorations up this weekend since we'll be out of town next weekend! We have all the kids biggest gifts bought and just have a few stocking stuffers and a few small things. We're all really excited for Christmas this year! I have so much to do and hope we can get it all done but with Todd in one of his hardest semesters to date, I just dont know how we'll have time...I always have kids with me and he's always doing homework...maybe after bedtime one night!