Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

We have been so busy! My house is falling down around me and I swear I have 10 loads of laundry waiting for me with no end in sight! I have some serious catch up to do in our housework and in some general "tasks"! Seriously with everything going on, it's a wonder I'm able to fit my job into my schedule LOL. I had training in Cleveland area starting May 11th and I've never caught back up from then. We've had something going on every weekend since...a commitment ceremony, ball games, a trip to Tennessee, a graduation ceremony, a wedding, and in the next two weekends, we have 2 graduation parties and Todd has drill...not to mention a speech I have to give on Wednesday night and training on Friday, and TWO ball games every week until the middle of July! We've never been this busy...oh and did I mention Todd has final exams this week? Yeah. He's doing well so far, studying hard and I'm really proud of him. Luckily Todd is taking the summer off (he's switching schools, and the schedules won't allow him to start there because that school is already in session). The boys have big plans for the summer spending a lot of free time at the pool and playing baseball with their friends. It's SO much fun! Lane really likes 3rd base and for no more than they've played in the past, they're doing really well! Ethan doesn't have a place that he prefers yet, but is loving it!
Ryan is getting so big! He's starting to stand independently, eating more and more solid foods, crawls everywhere, and is just so funny! He makes a stinky face when he's excited and tries to bite peoples faces (LOL)...he's a bit of a bully but we're working on that, and he knows when he's been bad because he'll always give us the "Angel Eyes" and tries to love on whoever caught him (or whoever he bit). Funny funny funny!
Soon I'd like to get over this blogging slump I'm in but who knows LOL