Thursday, September 22, 2011

LIfe Changes

I've been feeling ill for sometime over the changes happening in my life and with my family. A few things are happening, and some I can talk about...some I can't. Such as Lane Michael's biopsy. I'm not ready to face the changes celiac disease will mean for my family. I know that when I'm home I can handle this. I have so many meals I enjoy cooking that don't involve gluten. The things that scare me are things like traveling, what do we feed him while traveling? Holidays with the extended family when my son has to watch the other kids eat Cool Aunt Becca's amazing chocolate chip cookies and tell him he can't have one or even just a slice of bread. What snacks do I send to school? Packed lunches? I called our family doc (pedi) and asked for Ethan to have the blood test for celiac....they called back shortly after and asked where to send the request to...they didn't say no, they didn't tell us there is no reason for it...they agreed that with a small stature, he needed tested. It's getting closer to a reality.

We're putting our house on the market before Halloween. We found a farm we are in love with. It will cost twice what we owe on our current home. That makes me sick to my stomach.

Changes at work. Good, bad...a little of both. A lot of both. A lot of potential for good. I will be sad when they happen though.

And of course...the pending big and scary.

So much to process. so so much


Sarah said...

Oh my dear Lynne,
I so hope everything gets better for you. I ache to hear so much sadness. If you every need ANYTHING you got my number!! I know that Celiac disease sucks, but as you learned with diabetes, you guys will all adjust. It will take time, but you all will adjust. I know I don't have to tell you to have faith, b/c you are one of the strongest faith people that I know. Keep your head up, you're not alone!!

Tawnya Michie said...

Lynne, I would love to share with you what we've learned about living with celiac disease. We've lived with it for three years on the gluten-free diet. Our daughter is now 5 and in K. She's adopted and celiac disease does not run in our families, so it was totally new to us. We keep learning as our daughter gets older and we're glad to share with you. We have navigated daycare, prescription medication (to insure it's gluten-free), school, before/after school care, birthday parties, class parties, social events, road trip travel across country, international travel, airports and airplane food, and holiday family gatherings. We can help you make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and navigate Thanksgiving and Christmas gluten-free. It's definitely not easy, but it can be done. Living Without magazine is a big help. Looking forward to hearing from you.