Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4th Grade Science Fair Projects

Lane Michael decided he'd like to study magnetic north, the most acurate way to find magnetic north and how a compass works. He showed a free moving magnet on a wooden frame moving to the north, showed a magnetized needle on a leaf in a bowl of water moving to the north and a compass. Obviously the compass was most reliable as it's designed to be. He learned so much and had a great time with it. A friend commented that his was so scientific and very mature and well thought out....very book smart.

Ethan wanted to build mouse trap cars and study if the terrain would affect the distance the car would go, however after 2 days of working on the car it simply wouldn't run. So Sunday night we gave up and changed horses mid stream and I'm SO glad we did! Ethan instead studied the pigs, took the 2 fair Hampshires and the 2 fair Durocs and studied their rate of growth, looking at if 1 breed would grow faster than the other. We thought the Hampshires had grown faster but actually the Durocs grow faster. After doing some more research it turns out that Durocs are known for growing faster, needing less feed and having a great carcass. He was able to explain that in 6 weeks we had seen an 89% increase from the Hampshires and a 93% increase from the Durocs. It was a fun project and something he could speak about knowledgably.

I was SO impressed with how these boys through themselves into their projects, did some real independent thinking and learned so much! They really enjoyed this project!