Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas and New Year

So it was a wonderful Christmas for us...we got to see everyone we wanted to see...for the most part and the boys seemed to really enjoy it! We started our festivities on the 24th when we had a candlelit dinner at my parents house, then we spent the evening baking from scratch (which is something I should do more often...but don't). Then the boys opened thier Christmas Pajamas (a long standing tradition in our family...the kids get to open Christmas Pajamas on Christmas eve for good luck and to settle that need to open SOMETHING! it's much loved by all!!) After the boys were bathed and in their jammies we took them back home and read the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" snuggled them down in, said our prayers and went to bed. Todd and I usually sit up for awhile making sure everything is perfect for Christmas, say a prayer for our children and for our Angel Baby then off to bed we go. On Christmas we all get up open gifts and eat breakfast...Lane has to eat a small snack before he can begin so that he doesn't run low waiting for breakfast. Soon after we all eat, get dressed and head back to my parents. This year and every year from here on out though things will be different because we stop to see our son...we think of him and how he would change what we're doing...or how different life would be with him here...what he might have gotten for Christmas this year and what it would have been like to watch him rip through the paper...enjoying the boxes and bows more than he'll ever like the gifts...but we won't ever have that with we have to make due with our imagination. After the cemetary we head to my folks...arriving at about 3, and at 4:30 we head to my grandma's and see my mom's side of the family, we exchange gifts and then it's straight back to the folks for gifts with my sisters and brother (if they're in town - - not usually though). We spend the evening laughing, playing with new toys and being in general too loud! It was fun but you know there's just something missing!
On New Years Day this year we went to my parents for supper but when we got there the motor home roof was laying in the's a nice motor home...or was and wasn't near old enough for something like that to armed with bungy cords, and one HUGE tarp we headed out to check out the damage...God bless my husband...he worked his butt off trying to save as much as he we wrapped it in the tarp and prayed for the best...what a start to a new year! Good news is they have a great insurance agent who luckily put all the right insurance on the motor home when they bought it!