Monday, January 7, 2008

Adoption Classes

Todd and I started our adoption classes this was interesting. There were about 10 couples there looking to either adopt or get a license to be foster placements...I learned a lot about people's needs to do this. We originally looked into this as a way to complete our family, but they seem to all have different needs. Some of them were empty nesting, some had religious reasons and a couple of them needed a way for one parent to be a stay at home parent. One family in particular has 4 kids all with medical needs. They are really perfect for this. They know the ins and outs of medical needs and have a big enough home for this...besides she's a stay at home mom and was at one time a guardian ad litum...someone put in place who has only the child's best interests at heart. So they know the system...but in talking to them I'm starting to question if they'll get approved...we had our fire inspection done and it said that if we have a wood burning stove we COULD NOT for any reason be foster or adoptive parents, and a wood burning stove was their soul source of heat. I would feel bad if they were n't able to go through with this because they seem perfect! But on the other hand I know where the state is coming with this because I dont know that I would be comfortable with a wood burning stove...esp. knowing how kids five year old Ethan has recently decided that he thinks it's ok to open the stove...we've always laid out this rule very clearly and he continues to open the oven...we are just at our wits ends with what to do about it...So if we have this problem with our own who has known the rules from day one, I'm sure that these kids are coming from a home where the rules were different and therefore are confused about the change in house rules...I know I would be!