Friday, July 17, 2009

Winds of Change....

Life is changing, hard and fast changes. Changes that make life....changes that make me trust God. And I do. I trust that God has a plan. That there is a reason Todd was let go from this job. Financially we are fine, making it easier to trust God. We were planning for Todd to quit his job in September when he starts back to school. Every time there has been a job loss, it has worked out for the best. The most recent being Lane Michael's diabetes diagnosis when Todd had to spend 7 days in the PICU with him learning to care for him outside of the hospital. I had just started a new job and was pregnant (5 months pregnant) so I trust that there is a reason for us to start this new chapter early. Whether it was to avoid an accident or because life will change again, I trust God's plan for my life. He started looking for a different job immediately, I asked him not to. I want him to stay home with our kids for the summer, enjoy them, enjoy his time with them, bond with Baby AC and then when he goes back to school, go back energized and ready, relaxed and fresh. And then after a few months of being back, if he can handle a job, then find a job...if he can handle it. Don't jeopardize school performance for a few hundred dollars if we are ok financially.

And today we went to the doctor....she asked when I would be 39 weeks, I told her that August 18th was 39 for me....she said that August 18th sounds like a good day to have a baby, so on Tuesday August 18th at 6:30 am we will check into the hospital and I will leave there not pregnant. The doctor examined me today to see if she thinks Baby AC will "fit" through my bone structure....if you know me, you'll agree that the idea of me NOT being big enough for something is laughable...I have a large bone structure, but she said that while she thinks it's worth a shot, she also thinks it'll be a bit of a struggle, longer harder pushing, some tearing and we still may end up in a c-section....the baby is just that big! Which means I won't get to go natural like I wanted...I don't want to chance not having the epidural and then having to be knocked out if they do a c-section...I'm not willing to miss this just so I can have the experience that I want. That would be selfish and closed minded of me. But the 9 month questions "what is Baby AC?" will be answered in 32 days!


Sarah said...

Wow, 32 days. Isn't it so great to know when it will happen? I know there was a sense of relief when I finally knew. If you need any help when baby AC makes his/her arrival just let me know. I will help out anyway. Whether it be toting kids back and forth or preparing meals for when you get home, just let me know. Would love to be able to help!!