Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Nesting is frustrating! It doesn't matter right now how clean the freaking house is because I have 2 six year old boys and a 30 year old man living there and it's going to be a mess again, even if I vacuum and dust and do laundry and it doesn't matter if they mess it up I have this need to clean it again anyways! Or I really want to clean it and can't because there are too many chemicals in too small of a space to clean the bathtub and toilet! I've been using the Lysol wipes on it but really I want to use the 4 in 1 cleaner and get down there and do it right, or what I'd really like to do is clean my kitchen floor with a tooth brush but I think Todd will put his foot down and say no! But he doesn't understand! I can only Lysol wipe the counters SO many times before I start to take the finish off! (do counter tops have a finish) I asked Todd to change clothes last night so I could WASH WHAT HE'S WEARING! I'm insane! I have my hospital bag packed (underpants, comfy coming home outfit for me and baby, toiletries for me and Todd, diapers for the ride home, camera, a nursing gown, and boob pads...I still need to buy a couple of nursing bras but I think I should have everything....yes? think ladies think! what am I missing?) So I've cleaned everything I can and now I'm going nuts! I even took to swimming the last two nights (yes we got a pool) just to keep myself occupied! My mind is racing! I've washed the boys sheets and am waiting to change ours for when our new bed gets put up...which should be any day now (if Todd would just do it)! I also have this desire to shop ALL THE TIME! And for the most random stupid stuff! Like a melon ball er! Yesterday I got all emotional because Todd didn't get home first! Seriously? What is that about? I'm not that girl! I'm not this girl! This clean freak, emotional ball of energy that can't sit still but has pajamas on before supper! UGH! Save me from myself! Please tell me this is normal!


Sarah said...

You are a normal pregnant woman. Things will settle down once you have the baby, oh wait, no it won't it'll just turn into something else. lol Everything will be great!! It sounds like you have everything in your bag too, I can't really think of anything else. You might want to take some slippers or nice socks to wear. That's the only thing I can think of. Can't wait to meet lil' AC!!