Monday, May 10, 2010

Unequally Yoked.

I want to write a well thought out post about being equally yoked not only to your spouse but also to the people you choose to spend time with. Lately I've been feeling unequally yoked in a lot of ways. My friends and family and even my husband are in different places in their relationship than I am. I find myself losing patience for people who have heard of the love of Christ and refuse to accept that someone loves them that much, or are unwilling to change their lifestyles...not only that but I'm tired or being the person who gossips about others, I love the people in my life and only hurt them by gossiping...this is my struggle, and I've lost patience with myself. Sometimes I know that my re-telling of circumstances is to talk through my feelings with someone who has a fresh perspective but other times it is purely for entertainment value. I also know that others are probably frustrated with me in my walk and more my struggles. But I am not unequally yoked to God. God knows how many times it will take for me to get it. For me to think before I speak, for me to say to much to the wrong person. God knows the day I will kick this gossip addiction and each time I fail he just checks it off the list of times I have to fail before I get it. God knows how many times he has to whisper to Todd to be forgiving before it clicks. How often he has to tell me to be gentle until I get it. God is patient enough for both of us and he's just waiting for us to get it.