Monday, July 12, 2010

A Buffet of Auto Immune.

Last year Lane Michael was tested for Celiac, we left the biopsy with our doctor (who we loved and trusted) saying "I am 98% positive that he has Celiac, don't start the diet but be aware that we will call and confirm this in the next few days" A week or so later I was walking through WalMart over my lunch hour, when the hospital called back. Lane Michael has an infection that mirrors celiac disease, he does not have it at this time, be checked again in a year and take this medication for 2 weeks to clear up the infection. The blood work last year showed he had 11 markers for Celiac and anything over 5 was abnormal. So this year I was more prepared, I went with a list of the symptoms he has, a list of concerns and questions. He has constipation, and stomach cramps and he seems thinner. When we sat down with the doctor she said that his bowel doesn't seem to be emptying completely, he went from being in the 58th % to the 45th % and he should not have dropped that drastically in one year. She said the stomach cramps are concerning. and then she told me that he now has 26 markers in his blood work for celiac. This year I'm ok with this diagnosis. Last year I couldn't have handled it. This year I can. I am not facing a new baby in the house, and Todd's job change, this year I am at peace with this diagnosis. I have accepted it, and I'm ready for it. I'm sad for him, for my family, for the changes we'll face, the challenges ahead, Lane Micheal hates pizza, that's a plus but pancakes are his favorite. How will we eat at Bob Evans? How will he share birthday cake with his friends? We will figure it out. More than anything I just want to start living life with him...a normal life. I want so many things for this little person. The thing is I don't worry about him, I don't worry about whether he will be successful, I know he will be. I know that God has great plans for him and this is his path, the path he has to take in life to get there, to be the person he has planned him to be. This weekend a little boy came to the party and was introduced to all the boys at the party, they were all playing video games, they all waved over their shoulders, Lane stopped what he was doing, went to the little boy and said "Hi Alex, I'm Lane nice to meet you" because as much as he has going on, he's still able to care about other people. What a special boy! So I asked the doctor "is there something linking all of this together? something that could explain all of this?" She told me "yes, he is a buffet of auto immune diseases, his body is his own worst enemy and it's just attacking itself, he has an over active immune system" hm. man that sucks. And the kicker? Ethan needs checked. Celiac can cause small stature and hyperactivity, ADD and learning disabilities. Nice, so maybe we can explain some of his ADD stuff!


Sarah said...

Wow Lynne! But like you said, you know this isn't going to hold Lane back at all, he is just going to become an even stronger boy, which will turn into a great man!! You are doing such a wonderful job with your boys!! You are awesome!! I will keep you all in my prayers that all adjustments going smoothly and I will especially keep you in my prayers on the 28th!! Love ya girlie!!