Thursday, July 15, 2010

Championship game tonight

Lane Michael and Ethan are playing baseball this season and they've done well....they're by far the smallest, youngest and least experienced kids on the team! Cute! There are 5 teams in the league, and we are going to the Championships! Our opposition is undefeated and we've lost to them probably 3 times now but we have high hopes! Lane Michael scored a run on Tuesday in the tournament game and Ethan had an RBI! Woot Woot! Lane Michael enjoys 3rd base the most and Ethan is good in the out field, although has better attention as 2nd base (funny because Lou played 3rd and I played 2nd teehehe). Wish us luck!

And as a side note, we finished the painting in the sun porch and Todd got it all cleaned up and organized today! Fully functioning and Beautiful! I still have to paint the white trim but the primer is on, the floor needs something to happen but I haven't decided what yet and we're still looking at doors and options (water and dirt come in when it rains) But I love this room and want to start using it consistently! PS this is the color! I'll post pics later!