Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Funny stuff my kids do

Ryan and Todd were at Harbor Freight and as they passed another customer who was holding a hammer Ryan told him to "put that back" very emphatically. He was in trouble LOL

While in TN Cathy got up at 6 am to test Lane Michael...she got up and in her sleepy state, readied the tester, found a finger and poked, he pulled away and cried out but since he pulled away she had to poke him again, so lovingly she shushed and soothed him, found another finger and poked again, this time he cried out louder "why are you hurting me?" as he sat up she realized she had tested Ethan. So again she lovingly soothed him, and told him to go back to was all a bad dream. hahaha I heart her! Seriously!

Everyone has had a great start to their summer! It really kicked off the summer and made it feel great right from the beginning. They got to enjoy a baseball game with my sister, then went back to school for 2 days. After that they left for TN and stayed there for 6 days! (*jealous*), had a ball game the day they got back, went with my Mom to see my brother and his family off as they left for Arizona, then the next day had another ball game. That Friday we left for the lake house and spent the weekend, got home for church and spent the day at my Mom's house. This week has been the first lazy days of summer they've had and boy are they enjoying them!