Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Best Support System EVA!

I am loved.
We are supported!
Who can ask for more?

I used to belong to a message board of Momma's who all had children with diabetes type 1. I left the message board for several of which was the constant complaining. Very seldom did we see "success posts". Often they complained about a lack of support system. I couldn't relate. I have such an amazing support system in place. My family changed everything about them to suit us...our desserts were replaced with more fresh fruit, diet soda or sugar free ko.ol aid was offered...Easter Egg hunts started involving very little candy, my out of town cousins started bringing recipes and labels for the dishes they'd prepare. Before holidays, I'd get calls about what Lane Michael could and couldn't have. But one cousin in particular...she has gone above and beyond. She made it a point to know how to care for him. Her whole family is amazing. I love them SO much! My kids are in love with them. My husband even loves them! We'd do anything for them...but in the end we rely on them way more than they rely on us.

This week Todd will have to go to Missouri, I will have to go to Mississippi for training and my boys, they'll be running the mountains of Tennessee with my cousin. Cousin's husband will go with Todd (Ryan will probably go with Todd) and Lane Michael and Ethan will go with my cousins...we'll then meet up to return everyone to their rightful state. What would I ever do without my family. They're all amazing! I'm a lucky girl!