Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Family Pictures

It's been over 4 years since Todd and I had picture done was about time we get an updated one.
black and white...I'm not sure I like it as well but I do like it.

Ryan was watching Todd take a picture of Ethan, he climbed up on a rock and put his hands up on it to balance himself. Todd turned around and this ^^^^^^ is the result. I love it.

*swoon* enough said.

This boy....oh be still my heart...could he be any more soulfull!

My goodness Ethan is getting so grown. I wonder if I'll ever see that "little boy" again.

He's such a good big brother! He sat down to wait for us to take a picture and Ryan snuggled right in, this picture was natural and wasn't posed at goodness, how sweet!

These boys couldn't look or act more different but couldn't love each other any more! I am one lucky girl!

This picture wasn't my favorite but is certainly growing on me! I wish I was in the back so we could see Ethan more and I wish Ryan was looking at the camera!

This may be my favorite of the day..tied with the next one...both are good pictures and I'm having a hard time deciding!

There's just something about us all being piled up one on top of the other that I like about this picture! It just makes me happy!


FosterMama said...

Your boys are SO handsome!!

Sarah said...

Awesome pics! Love them all!! I'd say I go with the last one too!! Just having everyone so close together, it's great!!