Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There was no time to process.

I had grocery shopping to do.

Todd and I took the kids out for chinese (one of 2 places we know how to feed him). They brought out a large bowl of rice noodles (no extra charge) and Todd taught him how to eat gluten free at the buffet. Then we went straight to Krogers where we bought a week or 2 worth of groceries...for $300 which doesn't count the $150 we spent on Sunday at Aldis and Walmart. We're still figuring it all out but I know we'll get there...eventually.

So night one we ate at Chinese

Night 2 we had chicken nuggets and artichokes (we made the chicken nuggets by dipping them in egg and then in corn meal (just a light dusting) and then frying them up

Night 3 we had steak and potatoes (ice cream for dessert)

Night 4 we had hot dogs (all beef), apples, and carrots

Night 5 we had a buffet at church and Lane Michael concentrated on the meatballs, veggies and strawberry shortcake (gluten free - thank you very much Bisquick GF)

Night 6 we had pork steak, sweet potatoes and green beans

we've been packing his lunch and he seems content with that, he takes GF chicken nuggets, carrot and celery sticks with dip, a cheese stick, go gurt, and Cheetos (which happen to be GF). Last night I asked him what he liked about his lunches and he looked at me (obviously perplexed) and said he liked everything. Big sigh of relief! He's happy with the changes! He's ok with all of this. Probably more ok than I am! I have such good boys, I'm so blessed and I know that. As frustrated as I am, they make this easy, they make it worth it.

Todd and I have been checking prices of different products and decided that the work of grinding our own rice flour was worth NOT paying for it. So after some research we have made a large container of rice flour...this weekend I'm thinking I'll make and dry some pasta and maybe play with the bread machine...making our own flour was so time consuming and a little labor intensive...I have a new respect for those who don't/didn't have modern flour!

We started out by washing the flour, soaking it for 2 hours and drying it on clean sheets of newspaper until it no longer clumped together, then we throw a small amount in the blender, sift out the fine, then sift that down to the very fine, and throw the rest back in the blender and repeat that process until all the flour is through the second (very fine) sifter. It takes about 2 hours but is worth it. I never thought I'd find myself here. Once upon a time, homemade meant I didn't buy them at Bob Evans...


Sarah said...

You are an awesome mom!!

Tawnya Michie said...

That's fantastic that you grind your own rice flour. My mother-in-law did this when we visited my in-laws in Sri Lanka in 2010 since the rice flour in country could not be guaranteed gluten-free (mill could have been used to grind wheat).

I am interested to know your experiences with the bread machine. We were highest bidders at the gluten-free expo in our metro area last year for the bread machine. We've used it once but need more help on recipes. What have you learned?