Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Truths

I am totally ripping this off from Killians Corner! I am in love with Christmas and want to capture the feelings all year round!

The truth is...I start listening to Christmas music in late summer early fall. As a kid my Mom and Aunt were artists who painted seasonal pieces...they started the Christmas collection in late summer or early fall but to get in the mood would listen to Christmas music!

The truth is...I watch Christmas movies non stop through the Christmas season and refuse to watch anything else.

The truth is...I love traditions...especially Christmas traditions!

The truth big boys have been asking if Santa is real for about 3 years...this year I finally came clean and told them the "truth"...later in the day I was approached by two disgruntled 8 year olds who told me "you suck. you have ruined Christmas and we choose to believe in Santa."

The truth makes me sad that at a time when people need to pull together and act with love and compassion, that we have to argue about things like prices, gifts, traditions, family and food.

The truth is...I am occasionally guilty of using Santa against my 10 minutes ago when Ryan wouldn't get into his bed.

The truth job offers the opportunity to see the best in people, through charities, donations and toy drives for the children of veterans and soldiers.

The truth is...I will never say Happy Holidays...out of habit. Merry Christmas makes me happy.

The truth is...I could talk for days about Christmas, the traditions, movies, music, and how each year gets better and better.