Monday, December 5, 2011

Safe and Sound, thank God

Ethan, Ryan and I ran to Dollar General yesterday in search of some random Christmas decorating supplies, ornament hooks, outside ornaments, metal hangers, just some odds and ends. While looking through the decorations and considering the wrapping paper I'd like to use this year, I let Ethan wander to the next isle of toys. I could clearly hear him playing with a toy gun so I wasn't concerned. After a few moments, lost in my thoughts, I realized I couldn't hear Ethan. So I grabbed the ornament hooks and headed to the next isle. I didn't find him there so I checked a couple places he might be and finally headed to the front of the store. As soon as I saw him I knew something wasn't right. He was pale and his eyes were huge and swollen. He nearly ran to me and said "mom someone tried to get me to go with them!" I asked if he had left, he was still in the store so I put Ethan between me and the cart and told him to tell me if he saw him, he didn't. We checked out, I told the cashier what had happened and when I got home Todd and I called the police. An officer came over and we went through a list of questions getting a description of the hadn't changed since I asked him to tell me about the guy on the ride home. Problem is, the person he described was every Tom Dick and Harry in Wapak! The police man said that he was amazed by Ethan and that we hadn't done anything wrong in letting him go to the next isle over. That Ethan did all the right things, remembering what he looked like and getting away from him and going to the cashier. He did good, we're so proud of how he handled this situation but are a little freaked out by it. Our false sense of security has been shaken to the core!