Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Family of 7

We've officially been a temporary family of 9 since last Friday...nearly a fully week and we've loved every minute of it! Our big boys have been such a huge blessing and such big helpers! They've been helpful and loving, and shown nearly no jealousy for all the little kids. Ryan has taken to the role of big brother like he was made for it! He's so in love with these 2 little girls and has started (without our encouragement) calling them his sisters. And the girls? They're amazing! To have been through so much and to be such beautiful and well behaved little girls...amazing! They have so much potential and love a good routine! Mouse has really taken to me, she's adorable, rough and tumble, out going and just a good girl all around, while Girlfriend is definitely Todd's little girl! She's sweet and shy, but seems to be drawn to men. A funny side story, the girls are bi-racial, and saw a friend's son (who happens to also be bi-racial and probably the first bi-racial person they'd seen since coming to our home) and Girlfriend just couldn't take her eyes off him when she finally got to him she wouldn't let him put her down. He was such a good boy and held her for a good 15 minutes but never left my side with her. It was so sweet! We're having a great time with these girls, for as long as they're here! and Todd seemed to really like their Mom when he met her today! which is amazing! No one gets this lucky for their first placement! We're truly blessed!