Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mid-Century Modern

This weekend we moved our friends into their new home. It's big and beautiful, well earned and much loved! I'm so excited for them! But of course that means I have a hankering to look at my own home and the things I don't love about it. TOO. MUCH. CRAP! My dining room is full of stuff. Our dining room (which is not huge) is currently holding a hope chest my Dad bought and I fell in love with (now I can't bring myself to part with it), my dining room table (which happens to be HUGE), 6 chairs for said dining room table (and my 7 person family), my Dad's role top desk (also huge) and the computer chair (which we use as a stand in chair for Todd), and something we call my Dad's shrine (yes you read that right, a shrine specifically dedicated to my Dad - this currently holds pictures, and memorabilia (picture albums and news articles about him). Well while we were in my mom's shop this weekend looking for new furniture for the new H family home, I noticed a dining room set that had just come in. It's small, until it's NOT! the table folds down to almost 3 feet but when fully extended it's almost 9 feet! It's a dard wood and it's called mid-century modern. the hutch is thin but tall and long. I've been pondering, I asked Todd what he thought...I'm in love. He is not. and the price? is GOOD! Perfect even! absolutely beautiful! I didn't put it on hold. I didn't put a down payment on it and I didn't put it on layaway...all options at this store. Last night I missed a call from my mom, called her back and she said someone else was looking at the dining room set to resell (since it's so inexpensive). I missed the call asking if I wanted to put it on hold. Todd isn't in love with it. I told Mom that if it didn't sell, then I'd take it, but if it sold, another would come along. Todd immediately called her back and put it on hold! I'm getting a new dining room set that I love love love! YAY!