Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Updates on Everyone

Life is a whirlwind and posting here is sadly one of the things that had to fall away. We have lots of great things going on here and Todd and I are starting the year off with some changes. An update about Christmas: Best Christmas ever! Everyone loved their gifts and had just the best time getting to hang out and spend the week together! The kids were spoiled and are still playing with their new Christmas loot! This week Lane Michael announced that his teacher played a game with them, a Christmas Trivia game and it was laced with Christian questions. What did Mary ride on to get to Bethlehem? Why were they in Bethlehem? Where did they live? Another word for 3 wisemen? Lane Michael said it rocked this game! So proud of that boy! I got Todd and Ipad, protective case and stylus for Christmas. Todd got me….an Ipad, protective case and stylus pen for Christmas. Yep. The kicker? I liked the case I bought. Todd liked the case he bought. I didn’t need the space his has…Todd needed the bigger memory. So in the end I kept the gift I bought. And Todd kept what he bought. We had NO idea! Update on Todd: Todd is graduating in the spring! Amazing! Looking back at this journey, we recognize that we just needed a little push and God gave it to us. Todd was laid off a month before Ryan was born and 2 months before the fall semester started. Giving us just enough time to get him enrolled and his VA benefits started. It’s been a wonderful experience and I am so glad Todd took this leap of faith! Trust and believe it hasn’t been easy or a cake walk. It’s been an amazing few years! If someone had said to me at the beginning of this journey, I’d have called them a bold faced liar! I am so proud of my husband! He’s an amazing person and any school would be lucky to have him on staff! Update on Lane Michael and Ethan: They’re such good boys! They’re amazing big brothers, so helpful, and well mannered. We are constantly being told how well behaved they are and how good they are with their little brother and sisters. They’re such a blessing to our family! Update on Ryan: He hates school. I’ve never heard of a preschooler hating school the way Ryan proclaims to. It’s ridiculous! He’s finally becoming a little more affectionate with me which just melts my heart, I could smooch on that boy all dang day! Update on Girlfriend and Little Miss: We’re starting to dabble in potty training just a little…I think when babies start trying to change their own and each others diapers, it’s time to start potty training! So we’ve started setting them on the potty first thing in the morning, before nap, before showers and before bed. So far all we’re getting is first morning (because they’re waking up dry), but Girlfriend has peed 3 times! And Little Miss has tinkled a little bit twice so I think it might take them some time but we’re well on our way! YAY! Update on their case (what details I can give): Some progress is being made and we’re looking at them going home (if their mom continues on this path) in about 5 months. We’re hoping she can continue to stay on track! The girls love her so much and you can tell they’re all bonded to each other. We’re rooting for her. We have another case review at the end of the month and will know more then. Financial progress: Todd and I have a plan to be debt free (save the mortgage) by the middle of summer (my goal was for his graduation to be debt free but I just don’t think I can make that work). If things go according to plan we will pay off both vehicles, and the small credit card by the end of March and then throw everything we have at that last straggling credit card and medical bills. That’s the plan anyway! Life is good, crazy busy and quite the roller coaster but we’re in a great routine and that helps to keep our sanity most days!