Monday, June 3, 2013

Crap My Kids Do

This post is more for me and my memory - I want to remember someday all the funny things my kids are doing at this age. Ryan - age 3 - at the ball field yesterday he was talking to another child and his grandma. I wandered over to retrieve him and the Grandma said "oh Connor's fine, he's telling us that he's 5 and going to kindergarten in the fall" sigh. "Connor lies. his name is Ryan, he's 3 and he's not going to kindergarten" Girlfriend - age 2 - can't say booty. so singing "shake your booty" only ever comes out "shake your bobby" ha! She's also my little mini-me! This weekend I was finishing my dinner and she was standing next to me directing me "you not done mom! Eat you corn! you. are. not. done." So funny! She loves to be in my space and thinks she is big! wants to have coffee with the ladies and maybe even a cocktail! Not yet little girl! Little Miss - age 2 - Little Miss is a comedian - people smart, reads people well so I have no doubts I'll forget how funny she is but I want to remember this past weekend when we made huge strides in bonding with her (it's good for a child to bond to their caregiver - even if temporary - so that they know how to bond and will bond to future caregivers if not the same as current) anyway someone at church asked her if they could take her home with them (people always do this thinking its funny and it really bugs me on lots of levels) anyway for the rest of the day she was very clingy - in a constant state of a hug with me. she never left my side and sat on my lap as much as I'd allow her to. this is HUGE for Little Miss who before would welcome going with anyone, especially a man. and one more thing - Little Miss discovered swimming this weekend! She is fearless in the water! A true little water bug! She is jumping off the diving board at the pond, pops up and giggles! I bet she's swimming without a floaty by the summers end! Ethan - age 10 - right now Ethan is perpetual movement (unmedicated for the last week of school so he can enjoy all the food treats they give out) so yesterday when going up to bat he took a huge leap to get into the batter box - Rebecca called it his gallop...and later called him a gazelle because he takes such long strides on itty bitty legs - love this boy! he also has taken up snuggling with the chickens - like they're pets Lane Michael - age 10 - if I'm truly honest, Lane Michael isn't a funny kid. Lane Michael is serious and refined more than funny - his attempts at funny are usually awkward and sometimes inappropriate - but what I want to remember is that at the beginning of the 3rd grade he was figuring his own insulin. He can look at the box, measure out a serving and divide out how many units he needs for that serving and add to it any correction dose. He is simply amazing!