Monday, June 24, 2013

Case Update

6 month extension granted – what does that mean for the girls? Nothing. This means nothing. Except that after 1 year of living with us, they will continue for another 6 months. But beyond that, nothing has changed. Their mom at the end of this time will have either worked her plan, or not. Girlfriend (never being called by the last name of Skaggs) has decided she is named Girlfirend Skaggs, their mom corrects her but honestly I’m not too stressed about it. I was telling a friend (in a bit of worry) about it and he said “well, she knows how to get them back and if they didn’t live with you that wouldn’t happen” really opened my eyes. All her complaints/concerns about her girls are now met with a thought of “then get them back” and it’s not to be rude but it allows me to not by too sympathetic to her. She has now started to really get to work on her case plan, making life changes that might allow her to regain custody. She is moving into a women’s shelter which will force sobriety, a job, healthy life choices, etc. but as of right now she hasn’t actually moved, doesn’t have a job, a drivers license…a few other things but she does continue to visit with her girls and that’s good. My Bible study this week was about not wanting or striving for something that God hasn’t intended for us. I’m concerned that God does not intend these girls for us…there are other things going on right now that I’m concerned about right now in this same aspect. Todd has a job interview coming up this Wednesday (is this meant for him) I’m so proud of him for even getting this interview since he never applied for it (they called him). Our home is going on the market this fall, again is this the move we are supposed to make? Are we to sell the Wapak house? All in God’s timing. And you know, I just want to live the life He has ordained to be mine. I don’t want anything that isn’t meant for me (I mean obviously I do on the surface but deep down, I want what is best for me and my family). Anyway, His perfect timing, learning patience and letting go of control.