Thursday, October 31, 2013

Clean Bill of Health

Ryan, earlier in the month, had an "episode" at preschool. We still don't know what to call it except to say he tried to stop breathing. We took him immediately to his doctor (much faster than the E.R.). They got us right in, looked him over and said we could either take him to the E.R. or they would call us a squad. We opted to drive him, so the doctor said she wanted to do an EKG before he could go. 6 EKGs later and they determined it wasn't the machine that wasn't working was Ryan's heart. We got him to the ER and they decided to observe him, x-rayed his chest to see if he had swallowed or choked on something, and since that was clear they sent him home. By the time we got him home he had spiked a fever of 102 and had a resting heart rate of 157. Back to the ER. Admitted for the night, pediatrician came in the next afternoon and finally someone really listened. He told us to have his heart checked (sent us home with a 48 hour heart monitor), have him tested for seizures and have him tested for Hashimotos (an autoimmune disease which attacks and eventually kills the thyroid gland).

So after getting referrals to Cardio and Nueuro we received instructions for his appointments for this past Monday. sleep deprived EEG (seizure test). Ryan could only sleep from 11-5. So we did what any sensible mom would do with 4 sleeping children and one who couldn't sleep. We went to Walmart! hung out at Walmart until about 10, home by 1030, let him lay in our bed with the ipad until 11. slept until 5, got up, watched a cartoon, took a bath, did some laundry, just puttered around until it was time to get everyone else up. Dropped everyone off at school, picked up my mom and we were on our way! Had a 930 am EEG appt, an 1100 neuro appt and a 130 cardio. It was perfect. Ryan went in, did everything they needed him to do, slept for 10 minutes through the EEG (as he has to do to get good results), went straight from the EEG to the Neuro appointment. Neuro said he had an irregular EEG but the only thing irregular about it was the EKG line. there is no siezure activity! yay! he shares an office with endocrinology, endo came in real quick and said that until he has symptoms of Hashimotos (or a thyroid disorder) there's really nothing for them to do. So by 1200 we were cleared by endo and neuro. Neuro was pretty nervous though about Ryan's EKG line on the EEG which made Mom and I pretty nervous, we were so thankful to have a 1:30 appointment.

Went to lunch and then proceded back to Cardio. Cardio is a private office who rents space in the childrens hospital (they are a seperate entity). Went back, the nurse rubbed me the wrong way....I was not completely sold on her (putting an immediate bad taste in my mouth - - she went so far as to comment on the doctors appearance and asked if I was single because I would appreciate it if I were - ick). So doctor in training came in, and pretty much blew us off, said they weren't worried about anything they were seeing. So now not only is the nurse nuts but the doctor in training is blowing us off. great. Then the doctor came in, Thank God. She said that after reviewing all the EKGs, the heart monitor and his medical history she didn't see anything alarming, maybe a minor murmur but nothing jumped up at her, she then offered an ultrasound of his heart to check the structure of his heart and an EKG so they have one on file. These tests were run within 20 minutes, and 10 minutes later we had results. Ryan is perfect. Absolutely nothing wrong with that little man! I felt so much better after talking to the doctor and finally I asked why everyone was seeing something that she didn't and her answer really put me at ease. She said "because they're guessing at something I know"

We are so greatful that especially this month we were able to bring home a perfectly healthy 4 year old. He was a perfect angel through all the appointments, the tests, the sleep deprivation, the poking and prodding, the doctors and new people. His behavior was amazing! I never had to tell him more than once, he was so good, and slept all the way home, through supper and went to bed at 830 that night. An amazing day to say the least!