Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beginning the Wild World of Puppy Love

My Big Boys are entering the very scary, very broad world of opposite sex attraction. We've done minimal talks about what that means and it's leaving me feel a little ill-prepared for the subject. However, being big animal planet, Discovery and history channel watchers, combined with the ownership of chickens has helped pave the way if you will, teaching them some nitty gritty details of (as Ethan likes to say) mating. I've set up a few ground rules for myself when talking to my boys about their love interests.

Rule 1: Puppy love is still love to a puppy.

Rule 2: As Christians, we have very strict standards that we adhere to...even those experiencing puppy love.

Rule 3: If I'm uncomfortable having the conversation, imagine how uncomfortable they are.

Rule 4: Love is fun.

Rule 5: Be honest.

We have, what I consider to be, pretty standarad rules, but maybe they're only standard for us...for parents like us....for our friends boys have each found someone recently who has caught their eye. Very different girls, different families, interests and different stages of the game....they're so young, this is all cute, entertaining in the 4th grade...but then I see news reports about 6th graders getting pregnant, and it terrifies me. I guess all I can do is set ground rules, be open honest and ready to answer some tough questions.