Monday, February 3, 2014

Eleven Years

Eleven years ago, this was my life. I was still in the Army, my husband was gearing up for a deployment to Iraq and this is what he was leaving behind. So much uncertainty. So much to lose. And more pain and joy than we could have imagined. In eleven years we have moved from Texas to Ohio (while Todd was deployed), back to Texas (when Todd came home) and back to Ohio (when we bought the farm on Burnfield), we've welcomed Todd home and readjusted to having him in our family, Ethan's first set of tubes, we struggled through the first 3 months after Todd's accident when he fell out of the tree, Lane's being diagnosed with diabetes, selling the horses, losing Braden, moving to town, having my thyroid removed, losing my Dad, Ethan's 2nd set of tubes, Ethan diagnosed with ADD, welcoming Ryan into the family, becoming foster parents welcoming Little Miss and Girlfriend into our family, moving out of town, getting chickens, the death of our foster girls mother, losing our girls after a year and a half. Football, baseball, new crushes, learning to cook, responsibility, giggles, fights and make ups. and today, this is what our life looks like: so much joy, no pain. just pure, unending love and joy in these boys. Eleven years to get us here but I wouldn't give up a moment of it. These boys are my world, my sun rises and sets with them.  

Ethan, my amazing, forgiving, energetic boy. In class he's "the Man" and in football he's "little monster" in life he's an amazing kid who is strong and sensitive, he got the best traits from his dad and his worst of his mom's. I see so much of us in him. Funny, captivating, popular, sweet.
Lane Michael, my hero, my chef, loving and passionate. Truly and old soul, Taco in football, Ainsley's boyfriend, strong and sweet, always ready with a hug and a smile, my grudge holder and truly my Schwieterman man. Lane Michael is a true mix of my brother and my husband...very very different people. He's loyal to fault, when he falls, he falls hard, is kind, generous, naive, and appreciates the beauty in life. Wants nothing more than to grow up, go to culinary school, become a chef, marry and have a family. Truly wants the American dream.
These boys, best friends, amazing brothers, polar opposites and more than I could have ever imagined.