Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stupid Radio Station

I don't often blog about diabetes anymore, I mean, there isn't much to say, highs, lows, shots and goes on. Anyway on the way to school today we were listening to a station we don't normally frequent (we usually listen to the Christian station) but we were half listening, kind of talking, dropped the big boys off (Thank goodness) and continued on to Ryan's school. The skit was some small character, it was strange...weird voice...whatever. He was talking about bad Christmas movies, the first one was rude but nothing tweaked my radar. The second one. oh my. "how do you know you're watching a bad Christmas movie? If Santa loses his foot because of diabetes it's a bad Christmas movie" Excuse me? seriously? I thank God that Lane Michael wasn't in the car, Ryan asked if that can happen...what do I say? I told him that if Lane Michael doesn't take care of himself then someday it can but not today. I'm angry. So I wrote to the radio station (I waited until I calmed down). I explained what happened, and how Lane Michael has a hard enough life and what they've just done is made him an easy target...made it cool for kids to joke about this...and told them how they've impacted my families life...I even explained how important ratings are, and I'm sure their concern is not my child but I just wanted them to know how they had effected us. they said the morning show is from Columbus Ohio and they'd address this as soon as possible. I hope they do.