Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Look how cute! 9 new additions! 7 Hampshires and 2 Durocs!  

See that dark brown or red looking pig (actually there are 2 in this picture), those are the Durocs. My absolute favorite! 

And this is Pops, he's like a puppy! He follows Todd and won't let anyone else get close to him, very protective, playful and loving! Has more personality than most of the others, but is a boar (meaning soon he will have testosterone running through those viens...we'll get him cut before long though so hopefully he remains comfortable and friendly).
Pigs so far are a pretty low maintenance animal, soon we'll have to get the boys out working them every day (twice a day through the summer) so that come fair time, they'll be ready to stand for the judges. But as of right now, we have a watering system that while messy is low maintenance (fill it every couple days and they're good to go) and their feed is in a dispenser and they self feed out of that and we just fill that every few days.

We were able to weigh our pigs this last Saturday and there's a pretty big gap from top to bottom, we have a couple who are only 60 lbs or so all the way up to 105 lbs! The 2 fatties weighing in at 105 will go to butcher sooner rather than later...they go at about 250-280.