Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting Excited and a Little Anxious!

Now that the basement at the Wapak house is starting to come together, we're starting to look at getting the house on the market...getting it on the market gets me excited about house hunting. The nice part about where we are currently, is that we don't have to move! We are not in a hurry to find a place, we have the luxury of staying and building up a savings (aka a down payment) But I'm just starting to get a little itchy to get it on the market. We still have to clean out the garage, clear out the back porch (which most of the stuff on the back porch is actually not ours but our renters so that will go when she goes), clear out the attic, and put the basement back together. It feels SO close! This week we'll start cleaning the basement and putting the bathroom down there back together, then we'll paint the walls, replace ceiling tiles, do a floor treatment, rebuild the basement steps, recarpet the basement steps, and the stairs to the 2nd floor as well as the upstairs hallway. So close I can almost taste it! I'm starting to look at comparable houses and what they're selling for so I can know what to put ours up for but I think we're going to have to ask a realtor and maybe an appraiser (lucky enough we're friends with a local appraiser who has offered to throw together some comps). We're so fortunate to have so much help from friends getting this done and ready!