Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

I traveled last week so we didn't have much time to prepare for Mothers Day ahead of time. I had such a wonderful weekend though. Friday night we played cards, one of my favorite things in the world. The kids played outside all evening and then came in for showers, we made dinner and just hung out...the guys worked in the fields and we just hung around the house...a good spring evening in our area.

Saturday morning I got up and went to the Mothers Day event at the church and watched my aunt present her apron show. Learned a lot, giggled through much of it, ate a great lunch and was able to go shopping with my Mom hadn't been shopped for yet (oops). Saturday evening we went to dinner at my Mom's house while Todd took our God Daughter to her Father Daughter dance since her Dad was in Reno for a bowling event. He was honored to be asked and had a great time watching her and her friends. And the boys and I got to spend some time with my Mom, Grandma and Cousin...tons of fun!

Sunday was a little hap hazard....we woke up late...I woke up to a text from the girls said "Happy Mothers Day from your M____ and Y______ families" I appreciate that text more than he'll ever know! We got to church too late to sit in "our seats" so we sat in the balcony...awkward. grabbed a quick lunch and ran to Grandma's for a work day...worked all day in the yard, clearing leaved out of flower gardens, berry bushes, trees that were too close to the foundation and starting a small shed for storage. A good day overall followed by a whirlwind evening of scince fair  projects, research, changing projects and more research! It was good overall, and looking back, fun to see all my guys hunched over ipads, computers, notebooks, research guides and data reports. I see a lot of this in my future!

A good Mothers day to say the least!