Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Shopping and Good Friends...

I love Christmas shopping…it makes me happy, thinking of what I know about the receiver of the gift to find the most suiting gift possible. Last night I went shopping for a couple of my nieces and nephew…I know very little about them, I know their age and hair color, I know basics which are true about 85% of all girls or boys that age. The girls are both very mature for their age, love High School Musical and crafts…10 is a hard age, they’re right between too old for toys and too young for clothes/shoes/accessories, so I went (two good friends in tow) to ToysRUS and scoped out the goods, relying heavily on our limited facts and their experiences in their families…and what we found was good maybe not what their Mom and Dad would have chosen but good none-the-less. For H we got a H S Musical Mystery Date game, very fun and something all her friends would play too. For M we got a hair streaking kit, with 10 color choices, she can streak her hair for a party or just to play and then wash it out that night…I was going to get an airbrush tattoo kit for her but then my mom reminded me that my brother and his wife are REALLY against tattoos…so that may not have gone over so well! And for N (the only boy) – he’s 7 or 8 (not real sure) loves all things Army, video games, and Legos, a boy…way easy for me…either boys are easier or I just don’t have any girls – either way, I was so excited when I found the perfect gift that I didn’t even call my Mom to confirm, I just bought it and knew it was wonderful…on my way home I finally called my Mom to tell her about it…turns out it was the perfect gift…so perfect that my sister (his Mom) had actually already bought TWO for him! So, I will go exchange it for some military Lego set…one that I bought for my boys and now sits in my upstairs closet waiting to be needed…hm.