Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holidays Approaching...

Ok, with all of the holidays among us, I thought I should reflect on our Christmas traditions, what we did in the years past and what we'll do this year, what we'll continue and what we'll start (I love traditions)!
1. party at Aunt Luanns (plus trick or treat in Cridersville)
2. trick or treat in Wapak with friends and family
3. decorate the house with orange lights for the orange light district competition

1. spend the day at Grandma Sweets with the Schwieterman family (everyone spends the week before Thanksgiving talking about a menu and then everyone always brings the same thing they've always brought and if anything changes, everyone complains very loudly)
2. celebrate Grandma's birthday at the Thanksgiving get together
3. everyone (all of the out of state livers) tries to make it to Grandma Sweets for Thanksgiving because not everyone makes it to Christmas

1. October 1st no one can shop for themselves...the boys cant spend their allowance on themselves and we can't buy anything that isn't a necessity
2. Black Friday shopping (we also go thru catalogs before then looking for the best deals)
3. Saturday following Thanksgiving and Black Friday is spent in pajamas watching Christmas movies the group includes Becca Bailey Eli Lane Ethan and me...we eat popcorn and snack all day long...we watch Christmas cartoons and classics, I look forward to it for months
4. starting Black Friday all I listen to is Christmas music!
5. we go to Missouri in the middle of December for a weekend to celebrate Christmas with the in-laws
6. Progressive dinner with the Schwieterman's...we have appetizers at one house, salad at the next, main course at the next, dessert at the next and end the night with a cookie exchange...we have a good time...we didn't do this last year but I would like to this year...even if it's with my friends instead of family...either way, it would be a blast!
7. Dec 24th we have a big candle lit dinner
8. after the candle lit dinner we spend the evening baking from scratch, we make cookies, breads, name it!
9. leave cookies out for Santa
10. the boys always shop for each other, they get each other one toy that they know they other will like...they also get us something, they pick it and are always horrible at keeping it a secret!
11. the kids all get Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve that they get to open...they're for good luck, my Mom buys them and ships them to the families she won't be with on Christmas Eve
12. Christmas Day is spent at Grandma Sweet's house, eating, playing games and just being together
13. We decorate the tree on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and invite my Mom over for dinner and to watch the kids decorate the tree
14. We read 'The Night Before Christmas' right before the boys go to bed on Christmas Eve
15. We talk about the real meaning of Christmas as often as possible without taking the fun out of Christmas

I'm sure there are more...I just can't think of them right now...what are your traditions?