Monday, May 11, 2009

Best Mothers Day EVER!!

Yesterday was the best ever, I woke up at 8:30 and laid in bed listening to all the men down stairs talking and giggling....I love that sound. The sound of Todd and his boys interacting, before Mom (Miss No Fun) interrupts and insists everyone get ready for church, I don't get to listen often, usually someone spots me before I can get close enough to listen to them. After about 10 minutes Todd came up to see me, laid next to me for a few minutes and said that whenever I was ready to get up, they'd be downstairs, so I dressed and followed him down. There were my boys, ready with hugs and handmade cards and gifts. Then came my big gift. Todd put a movie in, it was the boys telling me why they love me and just talking to me in general. It was sweet and funny, Lane Michael got so frustrated trying to say what he wanted and kept forgetting what he wanted to say to me....Ethan of course was a natural in front of the camera and did really well, it was the best gift I've ever received!

Church was wonderful and the sermon was spoken directly to Todd and I, it was a sermon on the needs of men vs. women which we'd actually been struggling with this weekend! I couldn't believe how wonderfully it fit into my life at this moment! God does this for us sometimes...and sometimes it's someone else's turn, this Sunday it was ours! It was amazing what we learned and how different the rest of our day was because of this even carried over into today!

After church we went to my Mom's house, I gave her the Mother's Day basket that my aunt had ordered and filled for her and I think she may have teared up a bit! She said that since this was Dad's thing she thought her day's of Mother's Day baskets were over....far from it!

We went to lunch at my Grandma Sweet's house and spent much of the afternoon there, the boys played football and everyone took rides on Todd's 4-wheeler (even Bailey got to go) was a fun afternoon.

At home I pulled the weeds in my rose bed....Braden's Memorial Rose Garden and realized that half (HALF!!!) of my rose bushes had died this winter! They will get replaced soon! And for supper we walked to Max's Dairy for hot dogs and ice cream. It was truly the best Mother's Day I've ever had! Which is good because I leave for Cleveland tomorrow afternoon for training and won't come home until Friday (yuck)!


Corrine said...

sounds like you had a great day. I hope your time away went well, the boys probably are anxious for your return.

Be well!