Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weird Dream...

Last night I had a drowning dream...but I wasn't the one drowning. In the dream, Lane Michael wasn't with us, Ethan was, he was sitting on the dock....Ethan hates water! But we had a 7 year old foster son and a 18 month old foster daughter....they were in the water, and I was holding the girl in my arms and holding the boys hand....he went further and further away from me until he let go of my hand. At that point, I handed the baby girl off to Todd and went further out to get to the boy but instead of taking the baby girl to shore and come back to help, Todd held her while trying to help...we were forming a chain and the waves were getting too high....we eventually got to him and got back to shore...but in the real world, Todd is a much better and stronger swimmer than I am and I would have taken baby girl to shore while Todd got to little boy, I'm not sure how I feel about my dream...but I can't seem to get foster care out of my heart...and usually I'm not that person....Ethan was 6 years old in the dream so other than being pregnant it was as if it was this summer....I can still see their faces....usually when I dream, I don't see faces. Thoughts on the dreams meaning? Pick it apart....what do you think?


Jen said...

You can always do respite care for other foster parents if you're not sure-- especially with a baby on the way! You'd go through the same training as regular foster parents, so when you're ready to foster longer term, you'd already have everything completed :-)