Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well It WAS the Most Blissfully Boring Pregnancy!

Yesterday morning (11:30 a.m.) I started noticing mild contractions...very mild, just some tightening here and the time I got home from work last night (4:30 pm) I was noticing they were coming stronger and with a rhythm so we timed them....7 minutes apart and pretty strong....they didn't hurt, I just couldn't catch my breath. So off to Bible study I right? Not so much....had 2 on the way out there (15 min drive) and 2 bad ones while I was there, I left early, came home and called the doctor...and she of course said to go to Labor and Delivery while drinking the largest glass of water I could find (LOL She cracks me up). By the time we got there the nurse laid her hand on my stomach (during a contraction) and told me to get comfortable! After 2 bags of fluid, 3 doses of meds and 4 hours, we were finally released with an RX for something to stop the contractions to take "as needed"....I felt silly going in but after hearing that they had contacted the Special Care Nursery because they thought we might have a baby....and who wouldn't with contractions 2 minutes apart...well needless to say I didn't feel nearly as silly! Makes for a good night! The goal is to keep baby baking until 37 weeks! You cross your fingers and I'll cross my legs! LOL!

PS contractions are back this morning! LOL! Here we go again!


Sarah said...

So how long do you have till 37wks?? I'll keep my fingers crossed and you keep those legs crossed. lol

Lyn said...

5 weeks will put me at 37 weeks but I just don't think we're going to make it! LOL! At least we've done the premie thing before!