Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too Tired to Post!!

So much has been happening! We went to San Diego last week and had a great time! Todd got to go and do and see everything and I got some good training! We've had a terrible time readjusting! But while I'm exhausted, Todd is cranky! He's been hard to live with and I think it has to do with hating his job. The boys have been angels for us lately! Lane has gotten himself up 2 mornings this week and was dressed before I was even out of bed! This morning he got up, got dressed, put his shoes on, tested his sugar, got his shot ready, fed the dog and got the lunches out of the frig, all before I was even downstairs! He's such a morning person! I used to be, but I'm too tired lately and I have pregnancy insomnia now! I lay in bed for hours and never sleep! My mom asked me today (while I was having my SECOND melt down of the day) what she could do to help! I wish there was something she could do! I'm just too tired to function! It's just this week though so hopefully it will pass! I want to rest as much as possible this weekend (which seems forever from now) and see if I can't get back to myself! But on a good note, my house is clean, my children are well behaved, laundry is pretty much caught up on and other than exhaustion, I feel great! We're pretty much ready for the baby, just have to wash some clothes and we'll be completely ready! My boss is off until July 6th so a day off is out of the question but as long as I can get through this week then I should be ok!


Sarah said...

Hope you are able to rest and relax this weekend.